Cape May

1341 C Ohio Ave., Harry Handlin, Beth Handlin to John O'Donnell, Leslie O'Donnell; 7/1/2013. $272,000

Lower Township

Latest Video

1715 Lake Drive, William Hadley, Virginia Lesher, Mary Hadley to David Lowry; 6/25/2013. $103,000

212 Oak Ave., Andrew Smith, Rebecca Smith to Kyle Grossman, Tiffany Grossman; 6/25/2013. $300,000

310 Haverford Ave., John Jacobus, Andreanna Jacobus to Mamie Jacobus, Michael Guadagno; 6/25/2013. $135,000

43 E. Greenwood Ave., Delbert Brown, Delores Brown to Jeffrey Bitting, Stacie Bitting; 6/26/2013. $234,000

32 W. New Jersey Ave., Gary Truehart, Patricia Truehart to William Lessig, Joan Lessig; 6/28/2013. $107,500

13 Bentz Ave., Patricia Ackroyd, Matthew Gray, Margaret Stephens, Patricia Ackroyd to Kenneth Hill; 7/1/2013. $119,000

408 Del-View Road, Edward Quiring, Bonnie Quiring to Joseph Leone, Carolyn Anna Leone; 7/1/2013. $220,000

275 Arbor Road, David Deifer, Annette Earling to Erik Dorsett, Sara Dorsett; 7/5/2013. $171,000

500 Teal Ave., Fredericka King to George Camizzi, Eileen Camizzi; 7/5/2013. $150,000

20 Oak Ave., Carl James Roth to Dillon Vanaman, Chelsea Girard; 7/5/2013. $170,000

Middle Township

404 Springdal Court, John Binder, Alexis Batten Binder to James Van Horn, Mary Van Horn; 6/26/2013. $269,500

1501 Tidewater Ave. Unit 57, Ryan Homes to Robert Jenco, Ellen English; 6/28/2013. $301,737

6 Eagles Way, NAAK Inc. to Richard Coscia; 6/28/2013. $118,500

205 Lee Lane Unit 205, James Grant, Eleanor Grant to James Warf, Patricia Warf; 6/28/2013. $134,000

500 Route 47 S., Kimberly Vona, Donna Reid to Triple Tuition LLC ; 6/28/2013. $300,000

22 Marlyn Drive, Bartleson/Snyder Modular Homes LLC to  AB Heavenly Homes LLC ; 7/2/2013. $50,000

779 Stone Harbor Blvd., George Campanile, Billie Campanile to Anthony Flynn, Gail Fynn; 7/3/2013. $125,000

North Wildwood

1800 Ocean Ave. Unit 423, Surf Song of North Wildwood LLC to Scott Foody, Regina Foody; 6/24/2013. $107,000

1800 Ocean Ave. Unit 212, Surf Song of North Wildwood LLC to Bruce Devine, Cornelia Devine; 6/24/2013. $147,000

1800 Ocean Ave. Unit 320, Surf Song of North Wildwood LLC to John Badey, Patricia Badey; 7/2/2013. $147,000

421-429 W. Spruce Ave., Vicki, Dilmore A. to  421 W. Spruce LLC; 6/25/2013. $300,000

211 E. Third Ave., Jeri McDaniel, Carl Hoffman, Adelaide Hoffman to Edward Anstotz, Theresa Anstotz; 7/1/2013. $320,000

113 E. Seventh St. Unit 3, John King, Louanne King to  WSL Ventures LLC; 6/25/2013. $165,000

403 E. Ninth Ave., Mario Zaccaria, Josephine Zaccaria to Edward Hladczuk, Doreen Hladczuk; 7/3/2013. $340,000

431 E. 19th Ave. Unit 17, Thomas Braun, Kathleen Braun to Frederick Ewer, Shene Ewer; 6/28/2013. $115,000

1804 Surf Ave. Unit A, Ronald D’Angeli, Dorothy D’Angeli to Geoge Ropars, Theresa Ropars, George Ropars; 7/3/2013. $322,500

West Wildwood

743 W. Glenwood Ave., Andrew Rotman, Deborah Rotman to Ryan Sachs, Michelle Sachs; 7/1/2013. $100,000


611 W. Montgomery Ave., Stephen Zuzulock to Anthony Frasco, Tess Morgan; 6/24/2013. $247,400

222 E. Baker Ave. Unit D, Mark Pasquariello, Julia Allan to Michael Depoder, Martine Depoder; 6/24/2013. $140,000

181 W. Schellenger Ave., William Mahoney to Michael Nolan, Margaret Nolan; 6/26/2013. $281,000

5201 Ocean Ave. Unit 8007, Anthony Iacono, Barbara Iacono to James Pearce, Brenda Pearce; 6/28/2013. $190,000

119 E. Cresse Ave. Unit A, Patrick Herron, Josephine Herron to Michael Clancy; 6/28/2013. $152,000

2601 Hudson Ave., Ronald Jackson, Sonja Jackson, Sean McMullan to Joseph Annocki, Eileen Annocki, Michael Annocki; 6/28/2013. $130,000

2601 Atlantic Ave., Ginsberg Gingras & Associates Inc., Gilles Boucher, Pierrette Boucher to Anthony Capecci, Lisa Capecci; 7/2/2013. $65,000

315 E. Poplar Ave. Unit 200, William Santala, Barbara Trabulsi, Tara Trabulsi  to Daniel Lauler, Shane Lauler; 7/3/2013. $252,000

223 E. Baker Ave. Unit A, Philip Lerner, Roslyn Lerner to David Hartner, Teresa Hartner; 7/3/2013. $175,000

Wildwood Crest

401 E. Stockton Road Unit 101, Bradley Vogdes to Hong Xu; 6/24/2013. $170,625

305 E. Farragut Road, Joseph Montello, Carol Montello to Scott Peter; 6/25/2013. $300,000

401 E. Stockton Road Unit 302, Gregory Biggiani, Robert Grimley to Matthew Ferraro, Leigh Ferraro; 6/27/2013. $285,000

105 E. Richmond Ave., Kenneth Wayne McGaha to Alicia Clark, Alan Clark; 7/3/2013. $343,000


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