Cape May

Cedarbrook Road, Edward McMenamin Trust, Mary Scott to Andrew Schofield, Suzette Schofield, SM Schofield Irr. Trust; 6/20/2013. $227,900

826 C Lafayette St., Thomas Hopkins, Patricia Hopkins, Patricia Dinger to Karen Haboush; 6/20/2013. $250,000

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Lower Township

252 E. Atlantic Ave., Richard Taylor to Scott Peter; 6/17/2013. $66,500

703 Townbank Road, Steven Pulitzer, Steven Pulitzer to Giacomo Antonicello, Jennifer Antonicello; 6/17/2013. $71,000

123 Hollywood Ave., Joseph Maertzig, Kathleen Maertzig to David Yatsk, Christine Yatsk; 6/17/2013. $142,000

223 W. Delaware Parkway, Stella Smerkers, Stephani Smerkers, James Smerkers to Edith Gray; 6/17/2013. $74,000

136 Ridgewood Ave., Tami Harron, Cathryne Elisabeth Mason to Walter Kaczmarek, Teresa Kaczmarek; 6/19/2013. $155,500

566 Grove Ave., Christopher Bezaire, Stacy Campbell to Justin Vanderbeck, Courtney Keating; 6/19/2013. $266,000

25 Frances Ave., Joseph Arthur Skill, Paul Spencer Skill, Helen C. Skill to Richard De Hainaut; 6/20/2013. $135,000

246 Cloverdale Ave., George Gehring, Colleen Gehring to Charles Savage, Jeannine Savage; 6/20/2013. $160,500

701 Winslow Ave., Laura Heiland, Charles Heiland to Scott Hare, Kelly Hare; 6/20/2013. $130,000

121 McKinley Ave., Steven Timinskas, Marie Timinskas, Diane McPartland, Anthony Timinskas, Raymond Timinskas to Lisa Dougherty; 6/20/2013. $171,000

81 Atlantic Ave., F & N Management & Consulting Inc. to Francis Granieri, Rebecca Granieri; 6/20/2013. $215,000

531 Oxford Ave., Charles Boyd, Louise Boyd to George Pezzano; 6/20/2013. $187,500

34 Wildwood Ave., HSBC Bank to Julius Hober, Anita Hober; 6/21/2013. $97,000

Middle Township

1503 Tidewater Ave., Ryan Homes to John Baldino, Elizabeth Baldino; 6/17/2013. $236,780

12 S. Second Ave., William Herker to William Gomez, Damaris Gomez; 6/17/2013. $174,000

7 Allaire Lane, Bethanne Benigni to Andrew Simmons, Sarah Simmons; 6/20/2013. $60,000

66 Route N., Richard Taylor, Joyce Hyndman, Richard Taylor, Doris Epstein, Ann Bell Louise, Lawrence King, Ann King to b-Jac Farms LLC ; 6/20/2013. $175,000

105 Cochran St., William Dennis Walker, Cheryl Lynn Williams, Gladys Walker to Amanda Camp; 6/20/2013. $110,000

181 Lee Lane Unit 181, Agnes Bennett, CharlesĀ  & Agnes Miller Bennett Trust to Michlene Frazier; 6/21/2013. $170,000

1505 Tidewater Ave., Ryan Homes to Dennis Doherty, Lucille Doherty; 6/21/2013. $251,230

1507 Tidewater Ave., Ryan Homes to Victoria Werthamer; 6/21/2013. $260,305

North Wildwood

509 E. 12th Ave. Unit 1, Deborah DeLaurentis to Audrey Corcoran; 6/17/2013. $100,302

1900 Boardwalk Unit 803, Raymond Williamson, Donna Williamson to Paul Lorcheim; 6/17/2013. $275,000

312 E. 20th Ave. Unit A, McCormick Bros. LLC to Daniel McCormick, Denise McCormick; 6/17/2013. $240,000

1800 Ocean Ave. Unit 419, Surf Song of North Wildwood LLC to John Givin, Dawn Givin; 6/17/2013. $147,000

504e 17th Ave. Unit 103, Robert Vesci to Robert De Feo, Ellen De Feo; 6/19/2013. $119,000

109 W. Marina Court Unit 3a, Joseph Anderson, Eleanor Anderson, Joseph G. and Eleanor Anderson Living Trust to Michael Cangi, Linda Cangi Brodeur; 6/19/2013. $187,500

320 E. 25th Ave. Unit C, Patricia Morris to Ronald Tiedeken, Alisa Tiedeken; 6/20/2013. $320,000

103 E. 24th Ave. Unit 100A, Web 176 LLC to John Gannone, Aimee Davis; 6/20/2013. $200,000

401 E. 23rd Ave. Unit B, Peter Campanella, Charlene Campanella to Shane Falls, Holly Falls; 6/20/2013. $335,000

417 E. 12th Ave., Denise Gumienny to Francis Gumienny; 6/21/2013. $315,000

506 E. 12th Ave. Unit 2, Robert Ewing, Cheralynn Ewing to Susan Ruhle, Charles Ruhle; 6/21/2013. $230,000

500 Kennedy Drive Unit 538, Audrey Ballerini, Doreen Corino, Robert Ballerini to Susan Wise; 6/21/2013. $182,000

West Cape May

306 Central Ave., Glenwood Malone to Edward Monroe, Lee Monroe; 6/17/2013. $264,000


9705 Park Blvd., Elizabeth Dorothy Shea Trust to Daniel Walsh, Helene Walsh; 6/18/2013. $315,000

246-248 E. Spencer Ave., Angela Donio, James Donio, Frank G. Donio Family Trust to Tailfin Properties LLC ; 6/18/2013. $100,000

216 E. Poplar Ave. Unit 201, MB Properties Wildwood NJ LLC to Robert Savastano, Rosario Sorbello; 6/19/2013. $222,500

331 E. Pine Ave. Unit B, William McKenty to Ronald Stehman, Susan Stehman; 6/20/2013. $225,000

210 E. Youngs Ave. Unit B, Kevin Magrann, Patricia Magrann to Mariusz Jastrzebski, Edyta Jastrzebski; 6/20/2013. $242,000

Wildwood Crest

232 E. Preston Ave., Michael Martin to Michael Pelish, Filomena Pelish; 6/17/2013. $345,000

415 E. Orchid Road Unit 104, Thomas Lyons, James Lyons to Charles Farrell, Paula Farrell; 6/19/2013. $305,700

113 E. Crocus Road Unit 4, Timothy Lanshe, Anne Lanshe, Joseph Bennett, Astrid Bennett to Rodger Menold, Claire Menold; 6/19/2013. $190,000

118 E. Hollywood Ave., Joseph Grottola, Joanne Marie Grottola, Jennifer May Grottola to Mark Wintersteen; 6/19/2013. $325,000

206 E. Cardinal Road Unit 1, Sandor Ordog, Deneen Ordog to Patrick Donahue, Colleen Donahue; 6/19/2013. $255,000

114 W. Washington Ave., Wildwood Crest Board of Education to Wildwood Crest Boro; 6/21/2013. $211,000


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