Cape May

502 W. Perry St., Joan Thomasson Dillon to John Berenato, Agnus Berenato; 5/17/2013. $299,000

Lower Township

902 Ocean Drive Unit 1601, Anthony Buziuk, Maureen Buziuk to Daniel Rocco; 5/14/2013. $335,000

406 Town Bank Road, Richard Dubin, Christina Dubin to Sarah Miller; 5/14/2013. $125,000

150 Arbor Road, William Purvis, Mary Purvis, Edwin Carreras, Grace Carreras to Carmen Hanrahan, David Hanrahan; 5/15/2013. $120,000

105 Oakdale Ave., Fannie Mae to Joseph Crescenzo, Mary Crescenzo; 5/17/2013. $128,000

Middle Township

1008 St. Andrews Drive, Anthony Gruber, Karen Gruber to John Binder, Alexis Binder; 5/14/2013. $285,000

183 Landing Road, James Snyder, Gail Snyder to Andrew Geib, Lauren Speigel; 5/16/2013. $220,000

7 English Way, Customers Bank to Jeffrey Warf, Shannon Warf; 5/16/2013. $240,000

North Wildwood

402 W. Mulberry Ave., Jacqueline Somers, William Quicksill, John Somers, Shannon Somers to Jacqueline Somers; 5/16/2013. $162,500

1607 Delaware Ave., 1607 Delaware Avenue LLC to Michael Johnson; 5/17/2013. $332,000

West Cape May

309 Sixth Ave., John Vassar, William Vasser, William Johnson to Bernard Dera; 5/15/2013. $100,000


144 E. Burk Ave. Unit A, Headley Greenhalgh, Marian Greenhalgh to Carolyn Simeonides; 5/16/2013. $225,000

Wildwood Crest

204A E. Stanton Road, Christopher Bastian, Lisa Bastian to John Barbella, Susan Barbella; 5/14/2013. $262,000

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