Lower Township

507 E. Jacksonville Ave., John Jones, Frederick Keifer to Robert Erlandson, Marie Erlandson; 1/13/2014. $128,000

209 Clubhouse Drive, William Kendzierski, Janice Kendzierski to Christopher Chiacchio, Renee Chiacchio; 1/13/2014. $140,000

Latest Video

902 Ocean Ave. Unit 411, Joseph Vitale, Dianne Vitale to Albert DiBenedetto, Grace DiBenedetto Alice; 1/15/2014. $338,000

951-953 Carol Ave., Thomas Connelly, Dolores Connelly to Steven McCullen, Taylor McCullen; 1/15/2014. $182,000

300 E. Raleigh Ave. Unit 403, Sophia Konick, Emery Konick to Joseph Sabatino, Gail Sabatino; 1/15/2014. $327,500

18 Cedarbrook Road, Eleanor Hawks, John Gilchrist, Thomas Gilchrist to James Hanson Associates LLC; 1/16/2014. $130,000

107 Arbor Road, Kirk Barb, Lisa Barb to Lynda Callaway; 1/16/2014. $105,000

Middle Township

34 Acorn Lane, Jeng Wang Ren, Shi Wang Chieng to Edward Catalone; 1/10/2014. $95,000

206 Shunpike Road, Edward Gibbons to Edward Adams, Josette Adams; 1/13/2014. $220,000

9 S. Fifth St., Claudio Pawlus to Thandi Hannah; 1/15/2014. $182,000

7 Secluded Hollow Road, George Bailey, Dawn Bailey to Henry Schenawolf, Patricia Schenawolf; 1/15/2014. $325,000

18-22 E. Wiley St., Frank Johnson, Charles Johnson, Georgiana Johnson, Albert Barry Johnson, Albert W. Johnson, Rebecca Brown to Daniel Mennella; 1/15/2014. $133,000

305 S. Main St., Jo Ann Vitolo, Alfonso Vitolo to Arta Vitolo, Kenneth Parker, Julia Parker; 1/16/2014. $200,000

14 N. Main St., Herbert Blumenthal Living Trust, Eleanor A. Burcroff Living Trust to Sandra Robert; 1/16/2014. $150,000

301Steel Road, Robert Hisey, Catherine Hisey to Kirco Trajkovski; 1/17/2014. $107,000

7 New River Road, Raymond Rosell, Barbara Rosell, Ray Rosell to Raymond Rosell; 1/17/2014. $300,000

North Wildwood

500 Kennedy Drive Unit 708, Winston Panchacharam, Patmini Panchacharam to Laura Holt, Robert Luciano; 1/10/2014. $245,000

Ocean City

236 Simpson Ave. 1st Fl, FTGGA LLC to Gary Strickland, Pamela Strickland; 1/14/2014. $330,000

172 Flinders Reef, Dominic Vetro, Veronica Vetro to Jeffrey DeSandre, Maria DeSandre; 1/16/2014. $320,000

122 Victoria Lane, Wells Fargo Bank to Douglas Mroz, Kate Mroz; 1/17/2014. $250,000

Upper Township

12 Braden Drive, Corrado Tridente, Vittoria Tridente to Mario Tridente, Julia Tridente; 1/15/2014. $312,000

West Cape May

276 Sixth Ave., Nancy Hedley, Robert Hedley to Lisa Wiedmeyer, David Mendo; 1/15/2014. $297,000


244 E. Montgomery Ave., Martin Higgins, Karen Schultz to Daniel Sanchez, Isabel Sanchez; 1/14/2014. $275,000

312 E. Hand Ave. Unit 9, Henry Grassa, Donna Grassa to Chi Chi Wolfe; 1/15/2014. $100,000

5302 1/2 Lake Road, Kenneth Murphy, Robert Hunter Doherty, Caroline Mary Doherty to Ronald Simone; 1/15/2014. $305,000

Wildwood Crest

114 and 118 E. Morning Glory Road, Cheryl Visalli, Ann Lebato, Frank Lebato to Deborah Lebato; 1/10/2014. $300,000

5600 Seaview Ave. Unit 9, Carmen Turiano to Curtis Rosler, Melinda Rosler; 1/14/2014. $169,900

128 E. Fern Road, John Tagliaferro, Susan Tagliaferro to Marc Horan, Tracey Horan; 1/17/2014. $90,000


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