Cape May

697 New England Road, Pauline Levinson, Leonard Levinson to John Kealy J; 7/8/2013. $175,000

305 Nantucket Drive, Helen Hatch to Brian Carnecchia, Susanna Carnecchia Hudson; 7/8/2013. $265,000

Latest Video

21 Hyannis Drive, Christy Igoe to Alfred Stoelzl, Jill Stoelzl; 7/9/2013. $271,000

Lower Township

8 Barbara Terrace, Frederick Evans, Theodore Evans, Frederick Evans to Catherine Zane; 7/8/2013. $225,000

104 Orchid Drive, Daniel Hicks, Carolyn Hicks to Robert Staley, Benjamin De Scala; 7/8/2013. $95,000

209 Evergreen Ave., William E. McVeigh to Hikmet Kugu; 7/8/2013. $138,000

98 Breakwater Place, Harry Seeback, Rosemarie Seeback to Margaret Ann Crisman; 7/8/2013. $95,000

1103 Washington Blvd., Marilyn Dressel, Paul Dressel to Susan Bradley; 7/8/2013. $201,500

928 Tower View Road, Julie Shaughnessy, Timothy Shaughnessy to Cari McGaffney; 7/8/2013. $290,000

17 E. Greenwood Ave., Robert Staley, Andrew Morales to Linda Crouch; 7/8/2013. $166,900

427 James St., Matthew Notch, Lisa Notch to Lee Ann Catti; 7/8/2013. $245,000

67 Breakwater Place Unit 67, Christine Urban, Michael Vanaman, Robert Vanaman, Violet Vanaman to Christine Urban, Gary Urban; 7/9/2013. $134,000

902 Ocean Drive Unit 907, John Turner, Janice Turner to Christopher Barrow, Erika Morris Barrow, Derek Morris, Scott Morris, Sara Baitzel; 7/9/2013. $330,000

302 Washington Blvd., Michael Motley, Christie Motley to David Ungar; 7/10/2013. $150,000

425 Mistletoe Road, Martin Fritz, Joanne Taylor, Richard Taylor, Joanne Dukes to Lee Mayer; 7/11/2013. $230,000

208 Roseann Ave., Paula Fasulo, Josephine Gallo, Frank Gallo to Chantel Christine Schmitt, Patrick Pietrolungo; 7/11/2013. $195,000

902 Ocean Drive Unit 505, Wells Family Partners LP , C. Michael Wells, Judith Wells to James Donahue, Margaret Donahue; 7/11/2013. $265,000

4 Brookdale Road, Anita Buxbaum to Lisa Englebert; 7/11/2013. $276,300

2702 Weaver Ave., William Bowers to Amanda Reiser; 7/12/2013. $153,000

29 Cedarbrook Road, S. Garry Miller to Thomas Benner, Heather Benner; 7/12/2013. $270,000

707 Hughes Ave., Craig Migliaccio, Lisa Migliaccio to David Gardner, Joan Gardner; 7/12/2013. $175,000

302 Winslow Ave., Teri Dugan, Eileen Dugan to Claudio Pawlus; 7/12/2013. $102,500

Middle Township

127 Lehigh Ave., Ralph Acquaviva, Jennie Acquaviva to Howard Trevor, Genevieve Kelliher; 7/8/2013. $175,000

16 Acorn Lane, Charles Intenzo to Joanne Clarkson; 7/8/2013. $61,000

7 Kimble Ave., Harold Bartleson, Pattiann Bartleson to Craig Garrabrant, Dorothy Garrabrant; 7/8/2013. $232,900

648 Goshen Road, Matthew Kleuskens to Mark Timpson; 7/10/2013. $114,500

1204 Tidewater Ave., Ryan Homes to Norman Mercurio, Louise Mercurio; 7/11/2013. $223,345

1206 Tidewater Ave., Ryan Homes to Thomas Gledhill, Margaret Smith-Gledhill; 7/11/2013. $226,315

1208 Tidewater Ave., Ryan Homes to John Auletto, Rosemarie Auletto; 7/11/2013. $228,000

23 Marlyn Drive, Fred Miller to James Dickinson; 7/11/2013. $145,000

307 Millman Blvd., Reba Mae Demyan Trust, Jane Weiner, Ruth Weiner, Andrew Demyan to Ruth Fritsch; 7/12/2013. $159,900

3 Herron Court Unit B1, Frank Flaim, Rhonda Darlene Vanarsdale to Robert Streitel, Phyllis Streitel; 7/12/2013. $342,500

North Wildwood

503 W. 19th Ave., Audrey Emery to Jeffrey Parker, Jeanine Parker; 7/9/2013. $272,000

127 W. Fourth Ave., John F. and Frances D. Trust to James Heuser, Juliet Lindsey-Heuser; 7/10/2013. $281,000

1000 Kennedy Drive Unit 408, Roman Holiday LP to Gary Devaco, Peggy Devaco; 7/11/2013. $140,000

107 W. Second Ave., George Higgins, Barbara Ann Higgins to David Wallace, Stacy Wallace; 7/12/2013. $350,000

209-211 W. 18th Ave., Fannie Mae to Patrick Kilgallen; 7/12/2013. $102,000

West Wildwood

215 O Ave., Frances Osiecki, Joseph Osiecki to Michael Zolinas, Janice Doonan; 7/9/2013. $210,000


3201 Atlantic Ave. Unit 301, John Knarr, William Knarr to Christopher Longo, Andrew Kang; 7/8/2013. $75,000

132 E. Schellenger Ave. Unit 1, JWR Properties LLC to James Koller, Kathelene Koller; 7/9/2013. $97,000

Wildwood Crest

113 E. Crocus Road Unit 6, Michael Lieb, Marie Lieb to Daniel Hazel, Leslie Hazel; 7/8/2013. $195,000

135 E. Spencer Ave. Unit 5, Paul Bruninghaus, Alfred De Cicco to James Janzer, Evelyn Beth Janzer; 7/11/2013. $232,500

7203 Atlantic Ave. Unit 202, Michael Cortino, Deana Cortino to Patrick Connolly, Diana Connolly; 7/12/2013. $218,800

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