Lower Township

309 Tahoe Drive, Karen Watson , Dorothy Watson G. to Robert Burns V., Ethel Burns S.; 10/25/2012. $175,000

210 Iselin Road, Alice Towle M. to Annette Tancredi; 10/25/2012. $170,000

502 Pacific Ave., William Wright T., Cheryl Wright A., Cheryl Keizer A. to James Moore F., Margaret Moore M.; 10/29/2012. $320,000

1303 Rose Hill Parkway, Mark Bencivengo , Elaine Bencivengo to Jeffrey Deckman R., Karen Deckman M.; 10/29/2012. $211,323

217 Sivia St., Timothy Mc Mahon J., Teresa McMahon to Heather Turner D.; 10/30/2012. $158,000

247 Mindy Ave., Timothy James D., Joanne Maher-James, Joanne Maher to Richard Jenkins J., Lauren Jenkins B.; 10/30/2012. $156,000

53 Breakwater Terrace, Robert Scali V., Louise Scali, Rosario Scali C. to Theresa Penney B.; 10/30/2012. $102,100

217 Cardinal Ave., Hugh O'Donnell S., Dorothy O'Donnell R. to Francis Sippel H.; 10/30/2012. $175,500

Middle Township

1801 1803 1805 1807 Tidewater, Conifer Greenbriar LLC., Conifer Realty LLC. to Ryan Homes; 10/26/2012. $220,000

578 Old Avalon Blvd., Susanne Glaze L. to Jennifer Lovell, Edmond Lovell; 10/26/2012. $200,000

North Wildwood

410 W. Illinois Ave., Deutsche Bank National Trust to Donald Martin, Robert Hart; 10/25/2012. $126,273


304 E. Magnolia Ave. Unit 304a, Bruce Nyman M., Eva Nyman A. to Keeley Norris L., Gayle Norris J.; 10/25/2012. $254,125

234 E. Baker Ave. Unit 234b, James Williams, Geraldine Williams to David Mikulski; 10/25/2012. $250,000

Wildwood Crest

6701 Atlantic Ave. Unit 104, Ann Fitzpatrick Marie, Anne Fitzpatrick Marie to Karen Fiordaliso A.; 10/25/2012. $75,000

310 E. Toledo Ave., Willis Dollison A., Janice Dollison L., Roberta Clemens , E.L. Dollison Family Willis A. Dollison Jr. and Janic Living Trust, E.L. Dollison Family Dillison Willis A. Jr. and Janic Living Trust, Willis Dollison A. to Montgomery Point Properties LLC; 10/26/2012. $265,000

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