Lower Township

1640 Star Ave., Michelle Hayes to United States of America, Rural Housing Service , Department of Agriculture; 8/27/2012. $165,000

300 Oakdale Ave., Rosina Dooley, Rosina Bozzi , Salvatore Bozzi to Cathy Healy H; 8/28/2012. $143,000

Latest Video

470 Shunpike Road, J E S Holdings LLC to William Herker; 8/31/2012. $255,000

Middle Township

15 Kendra Lane, Joseph Damiri , Camille Damiri to Mark Damiri , Kathleen Damiri; 8/27/2012. $400,000

108 Whiting Way, Bowman Contruction INC to John Bowman E; 8/27/2012. $100,000

16 N. 10th St., Louis Belasco M, Carol Belasco to John Louderback S, Kathleen Louderback E; 8/27/2012. $93,000

12 Oslo Ave., Vincent Romeo to Anna Puglisi Marie; 8/28/2012. $115,000

103 Geneva Ave., James Peterson A, Kelly Peterson Ann, Kelly Peterson A to Katherine Flounders ; 8/30/2012. $170,000

205 Roosevelt Blvd., Floyd Yearicks H, Joanne Kay D, Florence Yearicks M to Richard Dougherty; 8/30/2012. $96,000

1002 1004 1006 1008 Tidewater, Conifer Greenbriar LLC, Conifer Realty LLC to NVR Inc, Ryan Homes; 8/31/2012. $220,000

North Wildwood

303 Marina Drive 6b, Harry Carley J, Kathleen Carley P to Robert Tice R, Ruth Tice R; 8/27/2012. $285,000

217 W. 13th Ave., Anna Simmons Mae, Donna Stathius, Richard Simmons to 217 West 13th Avenue LLC; 8/30/2012. $235,000

309 E. 24th Ave. Unit 100, Samuel Zangaro J, Ellen Zangaro L to Bryant Vaders , Ruth Vaders; 8/30/2012. $340,000

West Cape May

433 Sunset Blvd., Elaine Walls , Joanne Clark , Herbert Walls H, Elaine Walls P to William Brady J, Nancy Brady Lee; 8/28/2012. $310,000

West Wildwood

7 Venice Ave. Unit 2b, Eugenia Leskie P, William Leskie J to Stanley Durkalec M, Valerie Durkalec J; 8/30/2012. $205,000


6011/2 W. Rio Grande, Edward Mc Guire J, Katherine Mc Guire L to Tracey Clark Jean; 8/28/2012. $185,000

2601 Atlantic Ave. Unit 110, Wayne Casares , Karyn Casares A to Ann Snyder Marie; 8/29/2012. $100,000

109 E. Magnolia Ave., John Mueller E, Catherine Meehan , Kathleen Meehan , Catherine Mueller A to Lori Yesenofski; 8/30/2012. $173,000

426 W. Hand Ave. Unit 303, Louis Parisi, Lisa Parisi to Rita Cortese M; 8/31/2012. $240,000

Wildwood Crest

427 E. Miami Ave., Wells Fargo Bank, Bank of America, Bac Home Loans Servicing LP, Ng Lp Countrywide Home Loans Serv. to Donald Pride; 8/27/2012. $110,000

210 E. Syracuse Ave., Richard Durante G, Joann Durante F, Jo Ann Durante F to Nicholas D'Antonio J, Barbara D’Antonio J; 8/27/2012. $245,000

209 E. Primrose Road Unit 5, Michael Petrock A, Mary Petrock C, Mary Petrock to Victor Tedesco T, Annamarie Tedesco ; 8/27/2012. $106,000

411 E. Morning Glory Road, Greensue Properties LLC to Samir Patel, Priya Patel ; 8/29/2012. $325,000

8401 Atlantic Ave. Unit 500, William Davis W, Laura Davis G to James Ocampo, Janelle Ocampo; 8/29/2012. $345,000

401 E. Stanton Road Unit 103, Robert Muller W to Lawrence Nemerofsky, Deborah Nemerofsky; 8/30/2012. $340,000

411 E. Morning Glory Unit 5003, Gary Teears , Colleen Teears to Nicholas Mento V, Patricia Mento A; 8/31/2012. $320,000

7906 Seaview Ave. Unit 1, Albert Coluccio W, Dorothy Coluccio J to Donna Davis S; 8/31/2012. $208,000


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