Cape May

623 Jonathan Hoffman Road, Rebecca Chamberlain to Mark Chamberlain; 5/31/2013. $89,001

Lower Township

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810 Cold Springs Ave., Nancy Shearer Mayer, Jean Johnson Ann, Catherine Mayer J, Edwin Mayer L to David Flickinger S, Karen Flickinger; 5/28/2013. $299,000

901 Holmes Ave., Thomas Clark, Linda Clark to Daniel Zingaro S, Ruthann Zingaro, Michael Zingaro D, Jennifer Zingaro; 5/28/2013. $222,000

5 Carriage Lane, Glenn Brunner A to Paul Melli; 5/30/2013. $225,000

1100-1102 Route 109, Nelson Werntz D, Robert Emerson Bruce, Raymond Emerson, Mildred Hough E to William Kennedy D, Cape May Trust; 5/30/2013. $325,000

1001 Shunpike Road, Eugene Dudley to Nathaniel Eldon, Jennifer Eldon; 5/30/2013. $170,000

5 Earl Drive, Edward Dougherty, Edward Dougherty R, Delia Dougherty A, E Dougherty to Valerie Sporl F; 5/30/2013. $340,000

208 Pontaxit Ave., Robert Crane C, Susan Crane L, Susan Hoban L to Nicole Morrison; 5/31/2013. $350,000

Middle Township

7 Michaels Court, ckjr Llc to Margaret O’Donnell M; 5/28/2013. $100,000

1 E. Pacific Ave., Allison Van Horn A, Allison Sokorai A, Matthew Sokorai J, A Van Horn, M Sokorai to Samuel Hoffman A; 5/28/2013. $164,500

410 S. Main St., Tenner & Tenner L L C to Ility Co Chase Holdings Cm Limited Liab; 5/28/2013. $246,000

121 Lee Lane, John Walters M, Patricia Walters to Edward Bandies J, Janet Bandies L; 5/28/2013. $139,000

53 W. Secluded Lane, Steven Kindle R, S Kindle R to Jennifer Peabody L; 5/28/2013. $210,000

21 Lafayette Ave., gate Enterprises Llc to Matthew Krusko J, Tammy Krusko St Hilaire; 5/29/2013. $183,000

110 Sound Lane, Edward Peterson L, Mary Peterson M to Patricia Rossner A; 5/30/2013. $65,000

Honeysuckle Lane, Curtis Williams S, Elizabeth Williams A, Elizabeth Williams to Howard Deitz J; 5/30/2013. $65,000

North Wildwood

442 E. 21st Ave., Unit 105, Dennis Morton, Kathleen Morton to John Lukasik; 5/28/2013. $80,000

3709 Susquehanna Ave., Unit 3709, slm Financial Corp, Slm to James Murphy R, Justine Murphy C; 5/29/2013. $249,000

2500 Atlantic Ave., Unit 128, Brian Layden, Joanie Layden to Charles Avetian, Silva Avetian; 5/29/2013. $157,000

304 Surf Ave., Unit B, Bernadette Howe, Bernadette Schafer to Victor Derrick A, Kathleen Derrick B; 5/30/2013. $122,500

302 Atlantic Ave., Unit 2, Thomas Smith M, Eileen Smith M to Daniel Mc Carthy J, Kathleen Mc Carthy M; 5/30/2013. $130,000

1000 Kennedy Drive, Unit 303, Roman Holiday Lp, to Donald Di Benedetto J, Joseph Casano J, Hugo Almeida E; 5/31/2013. $138,000


215 E. Spencer Ave., Unit 201, Adrian Besu, Simona Besu to Liccardo Family Trust Of 2000; 5/29/2013. $265,000

235 E. Spicer Ave., Unit 235a, Rodney Martin D, Jennifer Martin L to Robert Beckelman, Jennifer Beckelman Zoschak; 5/30/2013. $200,000

205 W. Baker Ave., Cariola Land Development Llc to Han Lee, Xiu Huang Zhu; 5/31/2013. $118,000

320 E. Baker Ave., Unit 12, Ernst Masur J, Barbara Kulp K to John Reardon; 5/31/2013. $105,000

Wildwood Crest

200 East Palm Road, Unit 203, Ralph Elton, Ruth Elton to Peter Wynters T, Judy Franchi-Wynters; 5/30/2013. $300,000

402b East Charleston Ave., Douglass Candies Inc to Frank Mincieli, Carol Mincieli; 5/30/2013. $225,000

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