Lower Township

22 N 15th St., Polymathic Properties Inc. to William Kennedy R; 1/21/2014. $135,000

101 Cloverdale Road, Sean Smith M to John Clark , Maryellen Clark ; 1/21/2014. $165,000

Latest Video

20 Cedarbrook Road, James Hanson Associates Llc , Hanson James Associates Llc to Joanne Mccarthy M; 1/23/2014. $332,000

301 Bay Ave., William Fiedler , Mary Fiedler to Raymond Wysocki S, Christine Wysocki K; 1/23/2014. $340,000

126 Town Bank Road, Gary Hoagland J, Eva Kalamon , Eve Kalamon , Stanley Kalamon to mister X Llc ; 1/23/2014. $111,000

225 Joanne St., Neil Young G, Denielle Young M, Denielle Roach M to Patricia Devaney ; 1/23/2014. $240,000

622 Saxon Ave., Joseph Breuss, Jessica Breuss to Andrew Eckert K, Ashley Engel Nicole; 1/23/2014. $247,000

Middle Township

604 Millman Road, Maude Page H, Barbara Sloan to William Brunell C, Barbara Brunell Anne; 1/21/2014. $115,000

101-103 W Atlantic Ave., Richard Kershner W, Gene Palm A to Robert Brown N, Jan Sissel M; 1/22/2014. $249,000

20 Seagrove Ave., P Casaba Real Estate Holding Cor to nvr Inc, Ryan Homes ; 1/23/2014. $90,000

7 Peach Tree Road, Kimberly Gassman , Mildred Moran , John Moran J to Armando Gonzalez ; 1/24/2014. $137,000

1410 Burleigh Road, Federal National Mortgage Assn , Fei Lam F to Christopher Poponak , Christen Poponak ; 1/24/2014. $153,300

8 Solar Way, David Salvo J to Robert Dougherty E, Lauren Tracy ; 1/24/2014. $225,000

North Wildwood

200 East Marina Court Unit 6b, Annemarie Walter to Lisa Pilla Marie; 1/21/2014. $149,689

207 W 17th St., Marian Daly W, David Daly Allan, Joseph Daly F to Jennifer Hemple , Gregory Juliano , Kerri Flatau ; 1/22/2014. $235,000

501 Ocean Ave Unit 303, John Fontana P, Kelly Fontana to Gerald Gramegna ; 1/24/2014. $75,000

Ocean City

801 10th St No. 360, Wells Fargo Bank Na to Ralph Spayd E, Alexandra Spayd ; 1/21/2014. $152,000

179 Flinders Reef, Timothy Maza W, Carol Maza E to Robert Mayfield W, Diane Mayfield T; 1/22/2014. $250,000

3 Mercer Place, Geraldine Burrell , Paula Strawberry C to Stephen Straub J, Dori Straub M; 1/23/2014. $60,000

Upper Township

37 E Sumner Road, Deborah Gaston , Contance Azpell , Lisa Rudella , Lisa Patterson , Constance Azpell to c R D Enterprises Llc ; 1/23/2014. $115,000


207 E Hand Ave., Anthony Serano J, Amelia Serano R to Peter Hamill V, Yvonne Hamill F; 1/21/2014. $246,000

3007 Pacific Ave., Paul Baldini J, Heather Baldini K to Christian Lambert ; 1/23/2014. $103,000

315 E Magnolia Ave., Vincent Trowers , George Trowers A to Stanley Kannampully Paul, Beena Kannampully Abraham; 1/23/2014. $158,800

Wildwood Crest

7305 Pacific Ave., John Mc Laughlin , Diane Mc Laughlin to Joseph White , Suzanne White R; 1/22/2014. $182,500

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