Cape May

1153 Washington St., Pierina Hari , Vijay Hari V. to Gregory Llewellyn C., Camille Llewellyn; 10/24/2012. $305,000

Lower Township

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64 Cape Woods Road, David Matagiese A., Anne King M. to Kevin Meehan P., Donna Meehan; 10/19/2012. $215,000

715 Leaming Ave., Don Maibes V., Carol Maibes A. to Robert Westervelt A., Lisa Westervelt; 10/19/2012. $175,000

121 Hollywood Ave., Robert Wallace, Edith Wallace to Robert Wallace; 10/22/2012. $120,000

1016 Virginia Ave., Francis Emig, Francine Moore to Michele Ladzinski; 10/22/2012. $241,000

714 Gorham Ave., Elizabeth Finnegan, Charles Finnegan to Anthoney Freeman C.; 10/22/2012. $139,900

3 Sea Bay Drive, Mark Platzer, Wayne Remster K. to Sea Bay Estates LLC.; 10/22/2012. $62,226

9601 Atlantic Ave. Unit 106, Michael Krach J., Pepper Krach to Joseph Pulli L., Erana Pulli J.; 10/22/2012. $299,000

6a Sunnyside Drive, John Walters M to Steven Gaddy L; 10/22/2012. $250,000

123 Sheridan Drive, Cyrilla O’Brien A., Wilma Schieber, Frank O’Brien to Thomas Archibald M, Kristen Cardaci ; 10/22/2012. $120,000

8 Deer Run, William Gambogi, Patricia Gambogi to Arthur Mc Gee , Marjorie Mc Gee ; 10/22/2012. $282,000

Middle Township

Walnut Ave., Gary Farrow L. to Atlantic Cape Builders LLC.; 10/19/2012. $100,000

21 Sunray Beach Blvd., Matthew Mc Keown, Roxanne Mc Keown to Richard Adelizzi, Stephanie Adelizzi; 10/24/2012. $255,000

97 Beach Ave., Rosemarie Smith L. to John Natalini C., Dale Natalini A.; 10/24/2012. $290,000

208 E. Wiley St., Nam Huynh to Thinh Nguyen, Phuong Hong Le; 10/24/2012. $347,000

North Wildwood

500 J.F.K. Beach Drive Unit 217, Louis Hiban F., Margaret Hiban M. to Joseph Parker, Ellen Parker; 10/24/2012. $120,000

405 W. 19th Ave., Joseph Dolce J., Lorraine Dolce, J. Dolce J. to William Devereaux J., Charlotte Devereaux D.; 10/24/2012. $190,000

West Cape May

Maple Ave., Glenwood Malone F. to mmarnow LLC.; 10/19/2012. $81,000


404 W. Poplar Ave., Josephine Romanczuk, Douglas Romanczuk A., Alexander Romanczuk to Rosaria Hosmer M., Anthony Di Stefano F.; 10/24/2012. $85,000

512 W. Andrews Ave. Unit B, Richard Adelizzi, Stephanie Adelizzi to John DiStefano R., Sherri DiStefano L.; 10/24/2012. $198,000

125 E. Hand Ave. Unit 4, Frank Campanelli, Joanne Campanelli to Steven Comer J.; 10/24/2012. $241,000

406 W. Hand Ave. Unit 200, Robin Gupta to Christopher Ten Hoeve J., Ann Ten Hoeve M.; 10/24/2012. $170,000

Wildwood Crest

401 E. Farragut Road Unit 103, Richard Addario, Lisa Addario to Bruce Peltzer M., Cristy Peltzer L.; 10/19/2012. $340,250

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