Cape May

217 Beach Ave. Unit 412, Joseph Uricchio F, Joseph F Uricchio Trust to Francis De Rose J, Ellen De Rose L; 12/10/2012. $305,000

1252 Delaware Ave., Thomas De Soo, Barbara Casselli Jean, John Casselli J to Gregory Mullins R, Katherine Mullins L Wachter; 12/10/2012. $300,000

Latest Video

1233 Virginia Ave., John Tye Burke, Rosanne Tye to Jay Kraus R, Laurie Kraus A; 12/10/2012. $305,000

Lower Township

312 E. Jacksonville Ave., Andrew Hill C, Phillip Van Embden S, Holly Hill to Charles Hill A, Kristin Zenglin; 12/10/2012. $129,000

510 Forest Road, Nora Kubiak, Joseph Kubiak R to Bruce Jeffries-Fox C, Suzanne Jeffries-Fox; 12/10/2012. $265,000

24 Vermont Ave., Elaine Frampton, Emma Hendrickson V, Donald Hendrickson C to Arthur Woolford Linwood; 12/10/2012. $139,500

53 Oak Ave., Carroll Stewart, Robin Stewart C to William Mason C, Lois Mason J; 12/10/2012. $188,500

401 Indian Ave., David Craven H, Donna Craven M to Robert Fisher H, Colette Fisher M; 12/10/2012. $190,000

3603 Bay Drive, Rose Billotti Marie to Edward Martini J, Eileen Martini F; 12/10/2012. $335,000

700 Washington Blvd., Richard Steptoe P, Rachel Steptoe M to Thomas Elias A, Janet Elias A; 12/11/2012. $150,000

201 Texas Ave., Norman Gunn J, Norman and Mary Gunn Irrevocable Trust, Mary Gunn to Randy Handlovsky; 12/11/2012. $230,000

111 E. St. Johns Ave., Jeffrey Elliott A, Karen Elliott B to Steven Krueger M; 12/11/2012. $119,000

128 E. Delaware Parkway, Michael Rourke, Brittany Rourke to Evalyn Pheysey A; 12/11/2012. $125,000

902 Ocean Drive Unit 711, Earl Prickett, Eileen Prickett to Andrew Samson, Linda Biancardi; 12/11/2012. $300,000

126 E. North Station Ave., Robert Stanton W, Jeanne Stanton M to Marc Martinelli S, Ann Martinelli M; 12/11/2012. $265,000

434 Hollywood Road, Robert Andrus, Robert Andrus L to Linda Everett; 12/11/2012. $250,000

1602 Tidewater Ave., Ryan Homes to John Rodgers F, Glenda Rodgers D; 12/12/2012. $245,830

23 Canterbury Way, Deanna Scholl, William Scholl R to Joseph Czechowicz, Melissa Czechowicz; 12/14/2012. $310,000

Middle Township

208 Linden Lane, Margaret Gerlacher to Pawel Banach J; 12/10/2012. $90,000

203 Cooper Road, Jane Smith L, William Smith J to Adele Sims; 12/11/2012. $170,000

1606 Tidewater Ave., Ryan Homes to Dominick Amodei, Linda Amodei; 12/12/2012. $227,022

707 Tidewater Ave., Peter Benevento N, Jennifer Benevento M to Linda DiPasquale A; 12/12/2012. $247,500

11 Lee Lane, Thomas Howard G, Barbara Howard J to Elaine Benincasa; 12/12/2012. $140,000

14 Rita Ave., Joan Cunningham S, Lois Smith L to Edward Caminos P, Alicia Caminos A; 12/14/2012. $195,000

1 Wynnedemere Court, Edward Braun C, Olga Braun M to Thomas Braun; 12/14/2012. $170,764

North Wildwood

1603 Atlantic Ave. Unit A, Edward Tamanini John, Elizabeth Tamanini to Charles Wiacek J, Sandra Wiacek L; 12/10/2012. $250,000

723 W. Pine Ave., Donna Bernadino to Sandra Kampf; 12/12/2012. $327,500

711 Ocean Ave., Charles Graff G, Ruth Graff E, Gary Schaffer G to E Valley Inc Shore Management Co. of Delaware; 12/12/2012. $72,000

435 E. 17th Ave. Unit 6, M&D TSC LLC to David Farren F, Rosanne Farren M; 12/12/2012. $167,750

214 W. 22nd Ave., Charles Keller E, Loretta Keller Marie to Glenn Donia S, Michael Gentile S; 12/14/2012. $165,000


2802 Ocean Ave., Maryann Micheel R to Edward Cholmeley-Jones R, Deborah Corsi; 12/10/2012. $230,000

132 E. Learning Ave., Sophia Riverso, Michael Riverso, Carmine Riverso-Bonfiglio A to Redgait 134 LLC; 12/10/2012. $200,000

225-227 E. Bennett Ave. Unit 4, DDD LLC to Luigi Russo, David Russo, Anthony Russo; 12/11/2012. $320,000

225 E. Wildwood Ave. Unit 301, Elaine Ross to James Carr P; 12/11/2012. $50,000

139 W. Spencer Ave. Unit A, Dino Fazio to Reneta Angelastro; 12/12/2012. $185,000

2911 Park Blvd., Andrea Cimino to Cimtaf Jersey Properties LLC; 12/13/2012. $183,000

Wildwood Crest

121 W. St. Louis Ave., William Campbell J, Donna Campbell L to Frank Orlandini J, Erica Orlandini L; 12/10/2012. $348,500

112 W. Toledo Ave., George Dunham E, Traci Dunham A to Michael Kosko J, Sharon Kosko K; 12/10/2012. $314,000

114 E. Louisville Ave., Lorraine Mango G, Jean Gant M, Joseph Mango F to White Sand II LLC; 12/11/2012. $300,000

7802 Atlantic Ave., Josephine Lattanzio, Diana Bennett to Joseph D’Occhio G, Pamela D’Occhio A; 12/12/2012. $300,000

5605-07 Seaview Ave. Unit 6, Anthony Rota to Lisa Doyle, Eileen Wallace; 12/12/2012. $130,000

109 E. Austin Ave. Unit 14, Joseph Fassano A, Mary Fassano G to James McSorley Francis, Noreen McSorley Elizabeth; 12/14/2012. $280,000

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