Cape May

7929 Dune Drive Unit 116, Francis Hallinan S, Patricia Hallinan M. to Samuel Scopelliti R, Ann Scopelliti Marie; 3/28/2013. $337,500

Lower Township

800 Scott Ave., Jeffrey Warf, Shannon Warf to Justin Di Venuta, Jade Di Venuta, Blair Di Venuta; 3/25/2013. $196,500

755 Jonathan Hoffman Road, Cathryn Arnold C, Cathryn Arnold C, Charles Arnold C. to Randy Laudeman, Christina Laudeman; 3/26/2013. $125,000

117 Claremont Road, Wayne Hyslip David, Wendy Hyslip May to Wayne Ruesswick M, Arlene Ruesswick; 3/26/2013. $140,000

15 Osprey Drive, Kenneth Hutchinson J, John Hutchinson E. to Justine Hutchinson; 3/27/2013. $345,000

Middle Township

100 Pine Ave., Christopher Burnett, Gail Burnett M. to Victor Carnivale B, Susan Carnivale; 3/25/2013. $205,000

30 Siegtown Road, Steven Conti T, Stephanie Conti M, Stephanie Forte M. to Milton Wilson B, Alissa Wilson A.; 3/26/2013. $245,000

2301 Tidewater Ave., Ryan Homes to John Fisher W, Margaret Fisher C.; 3/26/2013. $263,335

1801 Tidewater Road, Ryan Homes to Joanne Leonard M.; 3/26/2013. $298,433

12 Third Ave., Third Avenue Property LLC to Kenneth Rigling M, Tammy Hoffa L.; 3/27/2013. $110,000

North Wildwood

2004 Surf Ave. Unit B, Jeffrey Kehoe J. to Alexander Silvestro, Deborah Silvestro; 3/26/2013. $295,000

421 E. 20th Unit 3, 421 E. 20th Street Unit 3 LLC to Jeffrey Shockley, Mary Shockley Lou; 3/26/2013. $171,639

1800 Ocean Ave., Unit 416, Surf Song of North Wildwood LLC to Alfred Foulds John, Patricia O'Donnell; 3/26/2013. $147,000

722 W. Pine Ave., Christian Ceccola, Donna Ceccola to Thomas Reese, Deborah Reese; 3/26/2013. $260,000

500 Kennedy Drive, Virginia Coombs Anne, Sheila Branyan E, Jesse Coombs L. to James Boyle M.; 3/26/2013. $165,000

711 Ocean Ave. Unit 209, Ronald Stringham L, Andrea Stringham F. to Joseph Muravsky, Theresa Muravsky; 3/27/2013. $155,000

412 E. Seventh St., Kenneth Souder L, Susan Souder, Anna Bailey Marie M, Anna Marie Bailey M, Kenneth Souder L, Susan Souder, Anna Bailey Marie M, Anna Marie Bailey M. to Kenneth Souder L, Susan Souder, Anna Bailey Marie M.; 3/28/2013. $125,000


241 E. Cresse Ave., Unit B, David Yatsk J, Christine Yatsk M. to Rocco Aversa, Vivien Aversa K.; 3/26/2013. $155,000

3010 Ocean Ave., No. 306, Frances Turco to Franco Frisone, Fabio Frisone, Giuseppe Frisone; 3/28/2013. $145,000

Wildwood Crest

410 E. Orchid Road, Dean Byrne A, Christina Byrne M. to Christina Byrne M.; 3/25/2013. $178,000

114 E. Washington Ave., Lisa La Torre, Joan R. Santangelo Trust, Santangelo Joan R. Trust, Lisa La Torre A, John Santangelo R, Vincent Santangelo J. to 217 West 13th Avenue LLC; 3/28/2013. $175,000

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