Cape May

1420 Pennsylvania Ave., Unit A3, Praxiteles Pandel and Robin Pandel to Anthony Guerrino and Lucy Guerrino; 7/18/2012. $300,500

Lower Township

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115 Evergreen Ave., Grace Kelly to Jerald Saulino and Valerie Saulino; 7/6/2012. $114,500

229 W. Bates Ave., John Creamer to Roman Bish; 7/18/2012. $154,000

118 Oakdale Ave., Billy Nichols to James Weightman and Nina Weightman; 7/18/2012. $119,000

216 Cedardale Ave., Anthony Cougle and Grisselle Cougle to Rudolph Nicholas Hatala and Theresa Marie Hatala; 7/18/2012. $146,750

16 Schellenger Ave., Joseph Pannullo to Robert Erlandson, Marie Erlandson, Michael Crocker and A. Naomi Crocker; 7/18/2012. $140,000

1005 Rose Hill Highway, John Friel, Kathleen Gibbons and Nora Friel to William Dougherty and Karen Dougherty; 7/18/2012. $125,000

424 Breakwater Road, Joseph Sims and Janet Sims to Joseph Sims; 7/19/2012. $75,000

112 W. Pacific Ave., Sally Dickson Miller and Joseph Dickson to Christopher Babst and Lisaann Babst; 7/20/2012. $102,500

1 Osprey Drive, Rebecca Chamberlain to Susan Pulley; 7/20/2012. $197,500

Middle Township

304 Aberdeen Way, Beazer Homes Corp. to Thomas Gaskill and Constance Gaskill; 7/9/2012. $245,000

3 Maple Court, Wayne Collinson to Andrew Dean and Jaclyn Dean; 7/18/2012. $285,000

166 Lee Lane, Edwin Rosenfeld and Joyce Nichols to Mark Ellis; 7/19/2012. $177,000

1906 Tidewater Ave., Ryan Homes to Patricia Rossner; 7/20/2012. $206,400

North Wildwood

328 E. 23rd Ave., Unit D, Paul Knottek and Deborah Knottek to Anthony DiMartino and Rosanne DiMartino; 7/17/2012. $280,000

2506 Surf Ave., Unit 100, Rao Bhamidipati and Sujata Bhamidipati to Sijasoft Ltd. LLC; 7/17/2012. $238,400

328 E. 25th Ave., Unit G, James Maloney and Litizia Maloney to James Manion and Nancy Manion; 7/18/2012. $290,000

West Cape May

603 Park Blvd., Christopher Carrigan and Gwyneth Carrigan to Richard Ogle and Jamila Ogle; 7/18/2012. $300,000


5207 Lake Road Unit 5, William Pawlucy and Dana Pawlucy to Kenneth Brown and Ann Brown; 7/17/2012. $242,500

5201 Ocean Ave., Edward Button and Linda Button to James Pepitone and Joane Dennhardt; 7/18/2012. $275,000

237 E. Poplar Ave., C. Reimert Le Roy, Lorraine Celinski and Dorothy Reimert to Terrence McGuire; 7/18/2012. $100,000

417 E. Magnolia Ave., James Lange and Mary Lange to 417 East Magnolia LLC; 7/18/2012. $220,000

145 E. Burk Ave., Cyril Timlin and Rose Timlin to Richard Roussin; 7/18/2012. $100,000

310 E. Pine Ave., Unit 104, 306 E. Pine St. LLC to David Grzywacz and Michele Grzywacz; 7/19/2012. $263,000

Wildwood Crest

303 B. E. Crocus Road Unit 303B, Dallyse Gironda, John Gironda, Michelle Gerow and Constance Gironda to Danielle Sarocy, Raymond Martin and Andrea Martin; 7/9/2012. $175,000

5600 Seaview Ave., Stephen Botta and Amy Kahl to Keith Firestone and Michelle Firestone; 7/18/2012. $151,500

213 E. Taylor Ave., John Butler and Sandra Butler to Samuel Reinhold and Lynn Reinhold; 7/18/2012. $235,000

210B E. Farragut Road, Diane J. Messineo Revocable Trust, James Messineo and David Messineo to Costantino Cerini, Lydia Cerini, Angela Cerini and Christina Cerini; 7/20/2012. $348,000


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