Cape May Point

511 Alexander Ave., Barbara Hackett to Howard Hammel and Patricia Hammel; 7/23/2012. $225,000

Lower Township

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786 Tabernacle Road, George Urie and Mary Urie Ann to Lawrence Little, Mary Little Ann; 7/23/2012. $279,000

76 W. Greenwood Ave., Geoffrey Bostard to Kathleen Mandziuk Ann; 7/24/2012. $163,500

32 Utah Ave., Thomas Boyle to Richard Price and Donna Price; 7/24/2012. $148,000

422 Baywynn Road, 3101 Route 9 South LLC to James Rosell and Loretta Rosell; 7/24/2012. $85,000

103 Mallard Place, Jon Christiansen to Lars Christiansen; 7/24/2012. $120,000

Middle Township

840 Goshen Road, Herbert Sheppard, Joseph Sheppard and Agnes Sheppard to Kyle Carter; 7/24/2012. $185,000

52 Seabreeze Lane, Max Spann Real Estate & Auction Co., O.C. Garden Development LLC to Torrey Rose, Nicole Rose; 7/25/2012. $962,500

177 Beach Ave., Kathleen Thomas, Theresa Metz, Larry Thomas, Harry Strickler, Catherine Strickler to Herbert Mondros, Patricia D'Arcy; 7/26/2012. $315,000

15 N. Eighth St., Janet Benezet, Stanley Benezet to Stephan Hoech, Beverly Hoech; 7/27/2012. $190,000

North Wildwood

1803 New York Ave., Louis Abbatiello, Anna Abbatiello to Joseph Golden and Bernadette Golden; 7/24/2012. $268,000

426 E. 19th Ave., David Grau and Jocelyn Grau to David Conway and Kathryn Conway; 7/24/2012. $325,000

302 E. Sixth Ave., George Bochanski and Irene Bochanski to Joseph Bochanski; 7/26/2012. $380,000

120 W. 17th Ave., Thomas Gerace to Charles Kelly and Pamela Kelly; 7/27/2012. $250,000


104 E. Poplar Ave., Unit 200, SLM Financial Corp., SLM to Steve Kolesar and Kimberly Kolesar; 7/24/2012. $187,000

312 E. Hand Ave., Joseph Vandurro and John Lewis to John Tassoni and Susan Tassoni; 7/25/2012. $95,000

317 W. Cresse Ave., Unit 200, Gerardo Gomez and Lidia Gomez to Gerard McGinniss and Maureen McGinniss; 7/26/2012. $225,000

Wildwood Crest

8304 Seaview Ave., David DeAugustine and Michele DeAugustine to Seaview Investments of Wildwood Crest LLC; 7/24/2012. $300,000

110 W. St. Paul Ave., James Sharp and John Gurtovoy to Guy Porter Hynson and Heather Rae Porter; 7/24/2012. $250,000

9101 Atlantic Ave., Robert Pratola, Louis Prosperi, Roslyn Prosperi and Kathleen Pratola to Louis Fahsbender and Mary Fahsbender; 7/24/2012. $110,000

603 W. Magnolia Ave., Marion Brown and James Brown to Richard Welch and Annmarie Welch; 7/24/2012. $182,500

219 E. Pittsburgh Ave., Michael Kershaw and Sylvia Kershaw to Denise Pienkowski, Rosemarie Cnudde and Thomas Kershaw; 7/25/2012. $280,000

8200 Atlantic Ave., Angelo Marchesani to Jennifer Greenberg; 7/27/2012. $120,000

7403 Pacific Ave., Grace Dooley and John Dooley, to William Kelly and Carol Kelly; 7/27/2012. $305,000


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