Cape May

1047 Michigan Ave., Theodore M. Ferrante, Judith B. Ferrante, Anthony D. Ferrante to Richard A. Ferrante A.; 12/16/2013. $280,000

915 Corgie St., Linda Snook Browne to Scott S. Gibbs, Rhonda J. Gibbs; 12/16/2013. $335,000

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Lower Township

114 Oak Ave., Janet Grosshandler to James G. Jordan; 12/17/2013. $110,000

300 Roseann Ave., Terrance C. Sweeney, Genevieve C. Sweeney to Kenneth E. Gallagher; 12/18/2013. $215,000

1403 & 1405 Delaware Ave., Joyce Sealtiel, James E. Mellodge, Mary K. Mellodge to Douglas A. Madden, Patricia C. Madden; 12/18/2013. $320,000

120 W. Greenwood Ave., Nion Police & Fire Federal Credit Union to William A. Harron; 12/18/2013. $108,000

1305 Emerson Ave., Peggy DeProphetis, Peggy B. Gelber to Robert E. Slemmer, Elizabeth A. Blair-Slemmer; 12/18/2013. $252,500

322 Linda Anne Ave., Rosanne Forbes Trust, Carolyn Forbes, Horace Forbes to Kimberly A. Bailey; 12/20/2013. $175,000

9905 Seapointe Blvd. Unit 205, Stephen A. Musante, Paulette Musante to Robert E. Stapleton, Janet V. Stapleton; 12/20/2013. $279,000

Middle Township

30 Goshen Road, Mainland Associates to Cape May County; 12/16/2013. $328,500

250 Indian Trail Road, NJHR 1 LLC to Joseph M. Cielecki, Sarah S. Cielecki; 12/18/2013. $230,000

39 Wynndemere Court, Kathy L. Tirri and Lisa A. McCluskey, co-executrixes for estate of Irving Tozour to Terrance C. Sweeney, Genevieve C. Sweeney; 12/18/2013. $210,000

2201 Tidewater Ave., Ryan Homes to Michael J. Andinolfi, Kathleen M. O'Brien; 12/19/2013. $252,507

North Wildwood

1708-1710 Atlantic Ave., Barry Frederico, Kathleen Frederico to Michael Deal, Lisa Deal; 12/16/2013. $195,000

206 E. 10th Ave., Phyllis Melko to Patricia A. Denton, David J. Campbell; 12/18/2013. $300,000

810 Ohio Ave. Unit 12, Glennon L. Davis, Teresa L. Davis, Robert C. Ewing, Susan A. Ewing, Scott E. Willoughby, Ellen M. Willoughby to Glennon L. Davis, Teresa L. Davis, Scott E. Willoughby, Ellen M. Willoughby; 12/18/2013. $75,000

111 E. 10th Ave., Robert John Sharkey, Bethany A. Hagan, Connor James Sharkey, Jeffrey Peter Sharkey to Connor J. Sharkey; 12/19/2013. $201,000

Ocean City

117 Tarpon Court, Lessig William Revocable Trust to Karen Thompson; 12/16/2013. $342,500

5400 Simpson Ave., David B. Hutchinson, Keith M. Hutchinson to EP Coastal Homes LLC; 12/17/2013. $257,000

5447 Central Ave., Nancy L. Hannum to Vincent E. Matner, Wendy E. Matner; 12/17/2013. $300,000

3 Victoria Lane, E. Blair Harper to Jackson Neall, Kristen E. Young; 12/17/2013. $220,851

1008 Wesley Ave. Ste 204, Ronald Walton, Cindy Walton to Brittany R. Speers, Brooke J. Speers; 12/18/2013. $187,500

12 Marlin Court, Karen T. Thompson to Robert P. Bower; 12/18/2013. $245,000

842 Second St. Unit C., Douglas R. Mortimer, Donna Mortimer to Christine P. Kinkead, Jeffrey J. Kinkead; 12/18/2013. $307,500

11 W. Tenth St., Harue Maria Calise, Michael Calise to Humberto L. Gutarra, Olga J. Ramirez; 12/19/2013. $155,000

411 West Ave., Giselle M. Toner to Dune Development LLC; 12/19/2013. $185,000

Upper Township

8 Indian Walk Road, Doris Wolstenholme, William Wolstenholme to Travis Conover; 12/17/2013. $180,000

20 Seaside Ave., Julia B. Jenkins, Donald W. Jenkins to Benedict L. Werntz, Diane E. Werntz; 12/17/2013. $205,000

44 Klains Lane, Mark Simmerman, Raquel Simmerman to Jonathan Macdonald, Jennifer Macdonald; 12/17/2013. $245,000

50 S. Old Tuckahoe Road, Elizabeth St. John Mangold, Raymond J. Mangold to Cory B. Terry; 12/18/2013. $290,000

1983 Tuckahoe Road, Robert Vicario , Patricia Vicario to George Westermann; 12/18/2013. $289,000

12 Laurel Ridge Road, Robert Haley, Barbara Haley to Edward R. Guest, Noelle C. Guest; 12/18/2013. $305,000

23 Meghan Lane, John James Germanio to Edward J. Pearce, Brenna M. Pearce; 12/19/2013. $140,000

West Cape May

213 Park Blvd., Frances Healy to Michael H. Pantalone; 12/19/2013. $135,000


410 E. Orchid Road Unit 103, Glen J. Keleshian, Joan I. Wise to Raymond J. Pellicciotti, Karen A. Pellicciotti; 12/18/2013. $335,000

165 W. Schellenger Ave. Unit 165, Todd Soiefer, Mitchell Soiefer to James X. Flood, Lisa Collier; 12/20/2013. $275,000

308 W. Garfield Ave. Unit 101, SLM Financial Corp. to Kenneth R. Howell; 12/20/2013. $175,000

427 W. Montgomery Ave. No. 427-200, Arnold Gooch, Kum Gooch to Stephen L. Michaelchuck, Joy L. Michaelchuck; 12/20/2013. $250,000

214 E. Popular Ave. Unit 200, MB Properties Wildwood N.J. LLC to James Cosmo, Susan Cosmo; 12/20/2013. $215,000

3110 Atlantic Ave. No. 102, Coba Inc. to Brian W. Kemmerer, Connie L. Kemmerer; 12/20/2013. $53,000

408 W. Taylor Ave., Jonathan D. Brown to Stephen Dougherty; 12/20/2013. $180,000

Wildwood Crest

500 St. Paul Ave. Unit 7, Janice Zanelotti, Joseph Zanelotti to Karl S. Townsend, Kim A. Townsend; 12/20/2013. $200,000

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