Cape May

236 Lennox Ave., Geraldine Tarsi, Victor Germanis to Bernard Dera; 9/10/2012. $50,000

Lower Township

Latest Video

1 Osprey Drive, Robert Linus J, Patricia Linus A to Rebecca Chamberlain S; 9/10/2012. $170,000

325 Suzanne Lane, Erwin Cernoch J, Anna Cernoch to Elliott Sturm R; 9/10/2012. $173,000

358 Route 9 & 887 Linden St., James Zukawski, Susan Zukawski to Jonathan Zukawski J, Pamela Zukawski M; 9/10/2012. $100,000

165 Fishing Creek Road, Freda Wilson, Corinne Wilson-Westenberger to James Marsden H; 9/10/2012. $103,000

6 Sunnyside Drive, Michael Di Stefano J to Claudia Gentzow; 9/11/2012. $200,000

557 Seashore Road, Michael McDonald Louis, Geneva McDonald, Patrick McDonald Joseph to Patrick McDonald J, Margaret McDonald M; 9/11/2012. $105,000

7 Tern St., Steven Solecki M, Joyce Solecki A to James Powell A, Lynda Powell M, George Beerschank J, Linda Beerschank A; 9/11/2012. $175,000

9 Cliffside Road, Robert Tozer, Ursula Tozer to Robert Henning J, Heather Henning L; 9/14/2012. $215,000

Middle Township

1305 Tidewater Ave., Ryan Homes to John Bilo, Ellen Bilo; 9/14/2012. $222,025

North Wildwood

204 W. First Ave., Anne Cressman to Keith Olkowski; 9/10/2012. $85,000

102 Seabreeze Court Unit 102, M Sloss James, Kathryn Sloss to Jeffrey Endres, Kristine Endres D; 9/10/2012. $258,500

110a Allen Drive, Frank Maloney, Maria Maloney A to James Sullivan J; 9/10/2012. $75,000

1205 Surf Ave., Timothy O’Connor P, Rita O’Connor I to Joseph Nellinger R, Geraldine Nellinger M; 9/11/2012. $103,000

213 E. 20th St., Deborah Polocz to Mark Naylon R, Mary Naylon Anne; 9/11/2012. $335,000

1705 Surf Ave., William Buchanan P to Robert Cooper; 9/11/2012. $255,000

406 E. 24th Ave., Eric Itzi A to Rajasheka Chirra R, Balreddy Kamireddy; 9/11/2012. $324,000

1800 New Jersey Ave. Unit 203, Mark Naylon R, Mary Naylon Anne to Joseph McGinley M, Marie McGinley T; 9/12/2012. $258,000

415 E. 19th St., Stephen Sedlock E, Darby Sedlock L to Richard Egan A, Deborah Egan A; 9/12/2012. $333,500


210 E. Spencer Ave. Unit B, Leslie Gosule to Denis Kouznetsov, Regina Moster; 9/10/2012. $182,500

222 E. Baker Ave., Richard Mayone, Julie Mayone to John Ogden L, Dawn Ogden M; 9/10/2012. $135,000

531 W. Andrews Ave., First National Bank Of Elmer to Mark De Feo; 9/11/2012. $65,000

339 W. Spicer Ave., COBA Inc, Ltd Prism Title & Closing Services to REO Properties Two Lp ; 9/12/2012. $54,244.42

5201 Ocean Ave., Marilyn Switlyk G to Jeff Kan, Terry Wang; 9/12/2012. $210,000

Wildwood Crest

404 E. Denver Ave. Unit 201, Michael Wanner to Joan Pacini M; 9/10/2012. $110,000

7203 Atlantic Ave. Unit 308, Mary Patton Ann to Ulderico Zoino, Maria Zoino; 9/10/2012. $230,000

122 W. Charleston Ave., Mary Stockstill E, James Clowry to Michael O’Keefe, Marjorie O’Keefe; 9/10/2012. $190,000

312 E. Louisville Ave., Marlene Wendolowski, Eileen Arvary to Edward Sabedra, Maryann Toniazzo; 9/11/2012. $340,000

8808 Seaview Ave., Susan Maslow A, Scott Maslow J, Marc Maslow D to Susan Maslow A, Richard Goldhammer, Scott Maslow J, Bobbi Stokes; 9/11/2012. $150,400

8304 Pacific Ave. Unit 109, John Thompson, Evelyn Thompson to Gerlanda Balistreri, Daniele Balistreri, Angelo Nuara, Marianna Nuara, Antonino Colombo, Franca Colombo, Caroline Neri, Angela Felumero; 9/13/2012. $150,000

610 W. Glenwood Ave., C Selene Rmof Reo Acquisition Llc, Resolute Asset Management Llc to Brian Forbes, Jocelyn Forbes ; 9/14/2012. $78,000

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