Lower Township

1420 Pennsylvania Ave., Roger Martoken and Rosellen Martoken to Gloria McGeehan and Jack McGeehan; 5/14/2012. $275,000

114 Bayridge Road, Edward Hoyle and Violet Gabel to Victoria Mollenkof; 5/14/2012. $173,500

Latest Video

403 Adriatic Ave., Barbara Hudnett and Richard Hudnett to Deborah Larosa and Joseph Larosa; 5/15/2012. $238,000

2894 Saharah Drive, Dorothy Jordan and Richard Jordan to Maria Silva and Rui Silva; 5/15/2012. $235,000

422 Baywyn Road, Edith Stauffer and James Driscoll to 3101 Route 9 South LLC; 5/16/2012. $65,000

134 W. Jacksonville Ave., LDTD Developers LLC to John Russo and Karen Russo; 5/17/2012. $80,000

9907 Seapointe Blvd. Unit 219, Faye Romaniello and Thomas Romaniello to Sean Cunningham; 5/17/2012. $210,000

104 W. St. Johns Ave., Beekman Investments LLC and Harry Barrish to Gerald Errickson and Linda Errickson; 5/18/2012. $147,000

204 Ohio Ave., Joyce Mockus and Londie Tulio to Francis Semon; 5/18/2012. $160,000

134 W. Bates Ave., Bethany Burt and Lee Dinenberg to Stephanie Abbott; 5/19/2012. $175,000

Middle Township

8 Hawthorne Drive, Jacqueline Ansell to Christina Schumann and Daniel Buswell; 5/14/2012. $200,000

22 Woodland Road, Betty Miller and Thomas Miller to Anthony Malusa and Jennifer Malusa; 5/16/2012. $230,000

401 E. Main Ave., Charles Sitarski and Dorothy Sitarski to William Ries; 5/22/2012. $77,499

North Wildwood

124 W. 22nd Ave., Edward Ritchie and Marie Ritchie to Lewis Armbruster and Marlene Armbruster; 5/15/2012. $175,000

134B Allen Drive, Geraldine Kent to Albert Agar; 5/18/2012. $92,000

409 E. 15th Ave. Unit B, John Connor to Christopher Laffey; 5/21/2012. $153,000

West Wildwood

511 W. Magnolia Ave., Thomas McKeever to Herbert Keyser and Theresa Garvin-Keyser; 5/18/2012. $135,000


218 E. Baker Ave., Anthony Flynn and Gail Flynn to David Miles and Leon Mattioli; 5/16/2012. $100,000

5010 Arctic Ave., George Sheldrick and Louise Sheldrick to Eric Rizzi and Raymond Rizzi; 5/17/2012. $90,000

212 E. Baker Ave., Catherine Seibel and Kenneth Seibel to Alice Gomes-Garcia and Richard Garcia-Munoz; 5/18/2012. $245,000

406 W. 26th Ave., Susan Biancone to Joshua Boucher and Shannon Boucher; 5/23/2012. $193,000

413 W. Leaming Ave., Patricia Tracy and Robert Tracy to Joseph Perez and Laura Perez; 5/25/2012. $225,000

Wildwood Crest

211 E. Buttercup Road, Edward Mendelson and Michelle Mendelson to Justine Gadomski and Walter Gadomski; 5/16/2012. $305,000

210 E. Rambler Road, Teresa Rivell and Warren Rivell to Jennifer Deoliveira-Giorgio and Vincent Giorgio; 5/18/2012. $162,000

5801 Lake Road, Denis Donovan and Lucille Cassidy-Donovan to Nicholas Bulko and Rosamarina Bulko; 5/21/2012. $310,000

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