Cape May

1220 Virginia Ave., Bill L. Szurko, Bill A. Szurko, Susan A. Szurko to Bill L. Szurko, Susan A. Szurko; 4/5/2013. $130,000

Lower Township

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43 Nevada Ave., Joseph Appezzato to Joseph Higman; 4/2/2013. $65,000

9 Newport Drive, Kenneth Goodis, Glenn Raymond Goodis, Rust Theresa C. Goodis Irrevocable Trust to Joseph Alletag; 4/2/2013. $285,000

6 Loblolly Lane, Joseph Malak, Marie Malak to Harry Howe; 4/2/2013. $340,000

61 Spruce Ave., Donna Cosky-Thompson, Ronald Cosky, Valerie Cosky to Gabriel Rios; 4/4/2013. $158,000

16 W. Tampa Ave., Robert Hudzik, Eunice Hudzik to David Stitely, Katherine Stitely; 4/5/2013. $150,000

407 Teal Ave., John Baldan, Carol Baldan to Ronald Hall, Kathleen Hall; 4/5/2013. $165,000

42 Wildwood Ave., Fannie Mae, Milstead & Associates LLC to Lisa Umscheid; 4/5/2013. $147,000

23 Spruce Ave., Michael Tarzian, Rose Marie Tarzian to Joseph Michael Santo, Jane Ellen Santo; 4/5/2013. $132,000

112 Beechwood Ave., Joseph Walker, Margaret Walker to James Steelman; 4/5/2013. $177,000

600 Bayshore Road, William Herker to Rubiela Carrillo; 4/6/2013. $154,000

103 Brookdale Road, Fannie Mae Corp., Phelan Hallinan & Schmieg PC, Phelan Hallinan & Diamond PC to Michael Jefferson, Colleen Jefferson; 4/6/2013. $126,000

Middle Township

2307 Tidewater Ave., Ryan Homes to Vincent Rapone, Joan Rapone; 4/5/2013. $269,920

69 Wynndemere Court, Robert Bigsby, Jane Bigsby, Russell Bigsby to Delema Jay Papperman; 4/2/2013. $239,000

42 Robin Drive, David Polding, Valerie Polding to Joseph Dougherty, Catherine Dougherty; 4/3/2013. $242,500

19 Lochalsh Lane, Denis Martin, Theresa Martin to Sharon Agin; 4/4/2013. $245,000

222 Schoolhouse Lane, John Michaels, Julia Michaels to Angela Moore Rodriquez; 4/5/2013. $80,000

19 Freedom Drive, Americo Candidi, Letitia Candidi to Patrick McAteer, Linda McAteer; 4/5/2013. $225,000

4 Royal Oaks Drive, John Newman, Veronica Newman to Gena Hoffman; 4/6/2013. $310,000

North Wildwood

1800 Ocean Ave. Unit 415, Surf Song of North Wildwood to Joseph Catinella, Gina Catinella; 4/1/2013. $147,000

100 E. 17th Ave. Unit 300, Ion Philadelphia Federal Credit Union to Joseph Zarroli; 4/1/2013. $250,000

225 W. 11th Ave., Charles Stiefel, Eleanor Stiefel, Charles Stiefel to Leo Breslin, Theresa Breslin; 4/3/2013. $145,000

1000 Kennedy Drive Unit 407, Roman Holiday LP to Gary Devaco, Peggy Devaco; 4/4/2013. $140,000

734 W. Pine Ave., William Gallagher to William Cosgrove, Karen Cosgrove; 4/6/2013. $240,000

West Cape May

125 York Ave. (rear), Thomas O'Hara, Nancy O'Hara to Whitney Knopf, Adele Knopf; 4/5/2013. $265,000


242 W. Wildwood Ave., Carmen Petrella, Barbara Petrella, Jennifer Snyder Petrella to Patricia Smolsky; 4/1/2013. $210,000

223 E. Roberts Ave. Unit A, Steve Hamilton to Fred Oberhau; 4/3/2013. $185,000

3707 Susquehanna Ave. Unit 3707, SLM Financial Corp. to Carolos Andujar Jr.; 4/3/2013. $249,000

103 E. Magnolia Ave., Paul Duzmati to Just Getting Started LLC ; 4/3/2013. $134,500

4501 Pacific Ave. Unit 201, Carol Bertrand, Lewis Nyman, Deborah Nyman to Abinash Yadav; 4/4/2013. $190,000

4106 Hudson Ave. Unit 202, Cory Nelson, Melissa Nelson to David Morris, Phyllis Morris; 4/4/2013. $209,900

134 W. Rio Grande Ave., 134 West Rio Grande Ave. LLC to Atlantic Exchange LLC ; 4/4/2013. $65,000

308 E. Wildwood Ave. Unit 306, Terri Marotta, Terri Marotta Trust, Samuel Marotta to Mark Marotta, Danielle Marotta; 4/5/2013. $72,000

235 E. Youngs Ave., Catherine Boyle, John Boyle to Laura Six; 4/5/2013. $180,000

413 W. Leaming Ave. Unit 208, James Stevenson, Anthony Naccarato to Edward Sparks, Marcella Sparks; 4/6/2013. $235,000

218 E. Davis, Gerard Pirozek, Maureen Pirozek to Anthony Visconti, Amber Visconti, Maureen Pirozek; 4/6/2013. $256,000

604 W. Burke Ave. B, John Zindel, Lorraine Zindel to Robert Bigwood, Sharon Bigwood; 4/6/2013. $200,000

Wildwood Crest

8401 Atlantic Ave. Unit 224, Marie Grasso to Richard Hepp, Mary Hepp; 4/1/2013. $175,000

9101 Atlantic Ave. Unit 201, John McKeon, John McKeon, Jean McKeon to Fiorenza Costa, Donna Costa; 4/5/2013. $125,000


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