Cape May

816 Canning House Lane, Brian Sullivan to Henry Tamagni; 4/9/2013. $155,000

Lower Township

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300 Pacific Ave., Marguerite Wadlinger, Christine Gaiser, Edward Wadlinger to Christopher Longo, Lauren Manners-Longo; 4/8/2013. $225,000

5 Carriage Lane, Pamela Brunner to Glenn Brunner; 4/8/2013. $162,500

56 Walnut Ave., Eric Steiger to Louis Fioravanti; 4/9/2013. $250,000

222 W. Drumbed Road, Joseph Welsh, Christine Welsh, Marion Welsh to Cape May Construction LLC; 4/9/2013. $70,000

215 W. Drumbed Road, Catherine Kime to Gerald Kent; 4/11/2013. $180,000

220 Village Road, Fabio Pawlus to Christine Knight; 4/11/2013. $140,000

116 Birch Road, John Callahan, Mary Breuer, Elva Callahan to Cape May Construction LLC; 4/12/2013. $50,000

Middle Township

2303 Tidewater Ave. Unit 90, Ryan Homes to Kevin Mate, Beverly Mate; 4/8/2013. $229,078

147 Old Goshen Road, Eric Houseknecht, Angela Kidd to Lynn Doyle; 4/10/2013. $175,000

409 W. Anna St., Carl Arenberg to Luis Deleon, Jacqueline Mercado; 4/11/2013. $159,900

165 Lee Lane, Nicolle Gruff to John Griffin, Christine Griffin; 4/11/2013. $141,250

101 Linden Lane, John Ryan, Beverly Ryan to Aaron Stanton, Rachel Stanton; 4/11/2013. $160,000

North Wildwood

208 E. 20th Ave. Unit 2B, Clare McNally to Paul Bryson, Joanne Bryson; 4/8/2013. $134,000

2500 New Jersey Ave. Unit 100, William Riemann, Kathleen Riemann, Kathleen Riemann to Brian McDowell; 4/9/2013. $60,000

513-15 E. 17th Ave., Richard Baus, Dolores Baus to Peter Hranj, Lee Ann Hranj; 4/10/2013. $90,000

222 E. 25th Ave. Unit 148, David Stonier to Edward Gowland, Patricia Gowland; 4/10/2013. $120,000

409 E. 22nd Ave. Unit A-1, Joseph Esola, Marlene Goodwin-Esola to Edward Ponsi; 4/12/2013. $320,000

711 Ocean Ave. Unit 108, Wendy Wade to Frank Zanger, Marcelline Zanger; 4/12/2013. $142,000

101 W. Walnut Ave. Unit 1, William Piergovanni, Barbara Piergovanni to Ralph Welz, Mary Ann Welz; 4/12/2013. $180,000

West Cape May

117 Third Ave., Frederick Slaughter, Maureen Slaughter to Nilus Mattive, Disha Mattive; 4/10/2013. $290,000


3711 Susquehanna Ave. Unit 3711, SLM Financial Corp. to Daniel Mullin, Loretta Mullin; 4/9/2013. $249,000

3705 Susquehanna Ave., SLM Financial Corp. to Michael Lerro; 4/12/2013. $249,000

225 E. Wildwood Ave. Unit 115, Douglas Gorschboth to Elaine Ross; 4/10/2013. $59,900

217 E. Poplar Ave., Kenneth Mondzak, Shelley Mondzak to Shelley Mondzak; 4/11/2013. $243,000

Wildwood Crest

210 Stockton Road Unit 2, Patrick Donahue, Colleen Donahue to Jay Elliot; 4/8/2013. $190,000

103 E. Monterey Ave., Fannie Mae, Fei Lam to John Karch, Kellie Karch; 4/9/2013. $305,000


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