Lower Township

211 Evergreen Ave., Arthur Zimmerman T, Luther Zimmerman O, Mary Zimmerman to Robert Salasin J; 9/24/2012. $75,000

128 Iowa Ave., Ernest Bender to Claudio Pawlus; 9/24/2012. $69,000

903 Lincoln Blvd., Joseph Sulvetta M to Teresa Conte M; 9/25/2012. $105,000

131 Ridgewood Ave., Charles Dwyer E, Saundra Dwyer J, Debbie Colubiale to Russel Cozic, Gerri Cozic Anne; 9/25/2012. $116,000

3208 Bybrook Drive, Matthew Conklin S, Linda Conklin to Doris Bartel H, Michael Bartel; 9/25/2012. $230,000

118 E. Austin Ave., Michael Swerdloff, Patricia Swerdloff C to Justin Saponara, Erin Saponara; 9/25/2012. $295,000

3311 Bayshore Road Unit D3, Frances Facendola V to Philip Facendola A; 9/26/2012. $52,939.20

19 Rose Land, Russell Yeager L, Ursel Yeager E to MMCM LLC ; 9/26/2012. $80,000

38 Wildwood Ave., Maureen Kennedy to Claudio Pawlus; 9/27/2012. $75,000

505 Townbank Road, NJHR1 LLC to NTY Inc Family Promise Of Cape May County; 9/27/2012. $251,230

401 Artic Ave., Mary Docherty M, Kevin Macomber to Charles McGivern, Nancy McGivern ; 9/28/2012. $100,000

Middle Township

6 Eagles Way, Pyramid Builders & Masonry LLC, Maund Enterprises Inc to NAAK Inc; 9/26/2012. $208,947.85

18 Marlyn Drive, P Casaba Real Estate Holding Corp to CHO Properties LLC; 9/26/2012. $95,000

5 E. Pacific Ave., Leonard Licata G to Jeannie Donahue C; 9/28/2012. $220,000

715 Stone Harbor Blvd., Lenore Johnson to Ira Zipper, Aury Lozado; 9/28/2012. $156,000

306 N. Wildwood Blvd., P Casaba Real Estate Holding Corp to Walter Snyder D, Tina Bartleson; 9/28/2012. $51,000

8 Colonial Ave., Dorothy Holscher M, Kathryn Tomlin Marie to James Bucko W, Elsie Bucko M; 9/28/2012. $150,000

16 N. 12th St., Jason Gannon W to James Nanos; 9/28/2012. $165,000

North Wildwood

129 W. 25th Ave., Daniel De Pasquale, Lisa De Pasquale Gibson to Salvatore Avila A, Rosemary Avila A; 9/24/2012. $205,000

1810 New Jersey Ave. Unit 203, David Benson, Mary Benson C to Michael Lingerman C, Kimberly Lingerman A; 9/26/2012. $215,000

428 E. 24th Ave. Unit F, Kenneth Bassion, Christine Bassion to James Collins P, Robin Collins F; 9/26/2012. $295,000

111 Shadeland Ave., June Miller C, William Coyle J, Evelyn Detwiler E to Alfred Dezzi C, Kathleen Dezzi M, Joseph Wood C, Mary Wood V; 9/27/2012. $125,000

64 Wildwood Ave., Gertrude Fols M, Donna Will, Thomas Fols, Nancy Wilson, Alicia Fols, Walter Fols E to Angela Truitt M, Robert Rehill V; 9/27/2012. $115,000

West Wildwood

527 W. Magnolia Ave., Thomas Harley A, Kathleen Harley M to James Farley J, Michelina Farley L; 9/26/2012. $219,900


327 E. Maple Ave. Unit 101, US Bank Trust NA, Vericrest Financial Inc to Richard Cassetti D; 9/25/2012. $150,000

406 W. Hand Ave., Timothy Stawski to James Greco, Kristin O’Neil P; 9/25/2012. $161,000

225 E. Wildwood Ave., Roy Westerfer T, Theresa Westerfer to Melvin Grimm P, Joyce Grimm A; 9/26/2012. $63,000

215 W. Magnolia Ave., Joseph DiFalco V, James DiFalco J, Carmella DiFalco C to Joseph DiFalco V; 9/27/2012. $63,000

310 E. Pine Unit 103, 306 E Pine St. LLC to James Manna; 9/27/2012. $259,900

610 W. Burk Ave. Unit 6, William Perkis J, Elaine Lawley D to Robert Sinclair, Nicole Sinclair; 9/28/2012. $141,500

413 W. Leaming Ave. Unit 205, William McRea D, Elizabeth McRea A to David Nate F, Teresa Nate E; 9/28/2012. $200,000

Wildwood Crest

8401 Atlantic Ave. Unit 302, Thomas Orr J, Richard Wein M to David Gibbone J; 9/24/2012. $124,000

410 E. Lavender Road, Michael Williams S to Kimya Lee S, Joanne Dely; 9/25/2012. $287,500

8200 Atlantic Ave. Unit 14, Onofrio Vecchio, Maria Vecchio to Frank Laudani, Maria Laudani; 9/25/2012. $136,000

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