Cape May

658 Washington St. Unit 658A, Flavia Angle to Daniel Stettner, Karen Stettner; 4/23/2013. $210,000

916 Queen St. Unit 3, JarMix LLC to Marina Martin; 4/24/2013. $320,000

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Lower Township

24 Canterbury Way, Dennis Doherty, Lucille Doherty to Susan Engles; 4/23/2013. $290,000

709 Adriatic Ave., Roma Bank to Robert Kasilowski., Lisa Kasilowski; 4/24/2013. $189,000

8 Brucker Drive, Marlaine White, Stephanie Westcott, Anna White, Joseph White to Anthony Brando, Dolores Brando; 4/24/2013. $50,000

5 Old Mill Drive, Gail Stern to Jo Anne Monichetti; 4/25/2013. $175,000

206 Orchard Drive, David Morrison, James Morrison, Wendy Morrison, Craig Morrison, George Morrison to Fabio Pawlus; 4/26/2013. $95,000

Middle Township

52 Oyster Road, Jeffrey DeVico, Michelle DeVico to Kyle MacDonald, Katelyn Watson; 4/23/2013. $260,100

26 E. Atlantic Ave., Michael Johnson, Fred Johnson, Virgie Johnson to Louis Altobelli; 4/23/2013. $65,000

111 Reeves St., ECN Properties LLC to Reymar Bosch; 4/24/2013. $166,400

1905 Tidewater Ave., Ryan Homes to Charles Kennedy, Patricia Kennedy; 4/24/2013. $250,297

1202, 1204, 1206, 1208 Tidewater, Conifer Greenbriar LLC to Ryan Homes; 4/24/2013. $240,000

310 Stagecoach Road, Barbara Peltzer to Richard Milstead, Amanda DeBurgos-Milstead; 4/24/2013. $236,000

1903 Tidewater Ave., Ryan Homes to Claire McArdle, Juana Zegarra; 4/26/2013. $257,183

North Wildwood

620 W. Pine Ave. Unit 6, Marie Mitchell to Howard Goldsman, Jennifer Goldsman; 4/22/2013. $178,000

113 E. Seventh Ave. Unit 1, Robert Fugelo, Karen Fugelo, Karen Fugelo to David Rowan, Celeste Rowan; 4/23/2013. $258,000

501 E. Third Ave. Unit 302, Anthony Ottaviano, Dora Ottaviano to Leo Essenthier, Eileen Clauss; 4/24/2013. $275,000

304 E. 10th Ave., Shirley May, Cynthia Bethman, Ronald Gelzunas, Ernest Bago, Shirley Bago to Kevin McGrath, Marybeth McGrath ; 4/24/2013. $308,000

113 E. 23rd Ave. Unit A, Barry Zimmer, Deborah Zimmer to Peter Schiavo, Michelle Schiavo; 4/25/2013. $222,000

304C Allen Drive, Thomas Daquino to Patricia Kidwell; 4/25/2013. $110,000

1000 Kennedy Drive Unit 304, Roman Holiday LP to 510 E. 14th LLC ; 4/25/2013. $138,000

539 W. Pine Ave., John Bell to Michael Hogan, Laura Hogan; 4/26/2013. $250,000

422 E. Fourth Ave., Alan Rowatti, Eileen Rowatti to George Clark, Stephanie Clark, Jeffrey Clark; 4/26/2013. $155,000


232 E. Glenwood Ave. Unit 232B, Bank Of New York Mellon, Bank of America Home Loans Servicing, Countrywide Home Loans to Brian Boycan, Kathleen Boycan; 4/22/2013. $191,513

212 E. 26th Ave. No. 101, Steven Humenuk, Laura Humenuk, Michael Zarzycki , Jacqueline Zarzycki to Michael Defeo, Annemarie Defeo ; 4/24/2013. $290,000

Wildwood Crest

12 E. Denver Ave., George Martin, Johanna Martin to John Amendt; 4/22/2013. $320,000

8401 Atlantic Ave. Unit 320, Donald Sheehan, Catherine Sheehan to Jaroslaw Sawicki, Ewa Sawicki; 4/23/2013. $160,000

404 E. Denver Ave., William Gouak, Entrust Admn to Donald Rotanz; 4/26/2013. $120,000

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