Cape May

664 Route 9, Louis McCullough, Susan McCullough to Dayton Umholtz, Margo Umholtz; 7/15/2013. $185,000

501 Sandalwood Road, George Smith, Elaine Smith to Richard Angelo, Mary Ann Angelo; 7/17/2013. $266,000

Latest Video

27 Delford Road, Margaret Scott, Lynn Legg, Lynn Solowski, Howard Scott to Anthony Magliocco, Roserita Magliocco; 7/18/2013. $260,000

672 Route 9, Fannie Mae to Joseph Crecca, Kathryn Del Vecchio; 7/18/2013. $225,000

Lower Township

135 Pennsylvania Ave., Diane McCarthy, Patrick McCarthy to Kathie Rammel, Myron Rammel; 7/15/2013. $153,000

39 E. Pacific Ave., Catherine D’Alessandro, Victor D’Alessandro to James McAroy; 7/16/2013. $92,500

122 Bayridge Road, Saundra Olivo to Meghan Dillard; 7/16/2013. $200,000

155 E. Delaware Parkway, Edward Peterson to Francis Weatherby; 7/17/2013. $115,000

122 Cliffside Road, James Hanson Associates LLC to Nathan Kint; 7/17/2013. $285,000

10 W. New Jersey Ave., Maloney Realty, Richard Maloney, Judy Maloney to Frank Edward Land; 7/17/2013. $130,000

240 Barbaras Lane, Dennis Maguire, Phyllis Maguire, Phyllis Crescenzi to Charles Flud, Katherine Flud; 7/17/2013. $150,000

10 Village Road, 101 Briarwood LLC to Francis DiCicco, Kathleen DiCicco; 7/17/2013. $157,000

314 Linda Lane, Louise Centrone to John O’Neill; 7/17/2013. $182,500

615 Jonathan Hoffman Road, Stephen Oliva, Nancy Oliva to Shawn Ferris, Allison Ferris; 7/17/2013. $214,000

55 Walnut Ave., Lorraine Conklin to Martha Reid; 7/19/2013. $90,000

Middle Township

1015 Route 47 S., Raymond Billings to Thomas Reynolds; 7/15/2013. $80,000

4 Seagrove Ave., P. Casaba Real Estate Holding to Ryan Homes ; 7/16/2013. $90,000

14 Sunray Beach Road, Douglas Schultz, Joan Schultz to Stephan Dalbow, Alecia Turchi; 7/16/2013. $162,000

603 Millman Blvd., Charles Karboski, Rhonda Karboski to Christopher Anderson; 7/16/2013. $160,000

16 Avalon Blvd., Neil Whitehead, Ruth Whitehead to Thomas Braun, Lisa Braun; 7/17/2013. $225,000

209 Rio Grande Ave., James Travis Futrell, Jerry Thomas Futrell, Carol Anne Futrell to James Travis Futrell, Jerry Thomas Futrell; 7/17/2013. $120,000

174 Lee Lane, Raymond Bushong, Beatrice Bushong to David Jenkins, Janet Jenkins; 7/18/2013. $177,000

North Wildwood

265 Seabreeze Court Unit 302, Dominick Iannuzzelli, Marlene Iannuzzelli to Paul Dwyer, Mary Jayne Dwyer; 7/15/2013. $256,000

503 W. Pine Ave., Theresa Leib, Craig Leib to Meghan Haas; 7/16/2013. $225,000

405 Ocean Ave. Unit 304, Katharine Shackleton, James McConaghy to John Duffy, Therese Duffy; 7/19/2013. $118,000


135 E. Baker Ave. Unit F, Mark McCafferty to Roland Cupitt, Donna Rae Cupitt; 7/15/2013. $185,000

216 E. Hildreth Ave., Violet Finley to Joseph Gillen, Jennifer Gillen; 7/15/2013. $282,500

418 W. Wildwood Ave., Thomas Simms, Rosemary Simms to Robert Simms; 7/17/2013. $85,000

419 W. Oak Ave., Robert McDermott, Anne McDermott to James Lemly; 7/18/2013. $260,000

3810 Susquehanna Ave., Michael Caison to Sonja Caison; 7/18/2013. $78,225

308 W. Garfield Ave. Unit 201, Jill Delconte to Jill Delconte, Robert Turner; 7/19/2013. $86,000

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