Lower Township

321 Roseann Ave., Mary Jane Williams, James Williams to Lawrence Shillington, Kathy Shillington; 1/2/2014. $169,900

3311 Bayshore Road, Shereda Haines to Sayed Mohamed, Abeer Amer; 1/2/2014. $69,570

104 Orchard Drive, Robert Staley, Benjamin De Scala to Alyson Carroll; 1/2/2014. $182,500

541 Sheridan Ave., Mark McPherson, Jennifer McPherson to David Dietz; 1/3/2014. $167,500

402 Beechwood Ave., E Valley Inc. Shore Management Co. of Delaware to Kevin Carey, Katherine Carey; 1/6/2014. $170,000

27 W. New York Ave., Dianne Pantuliano, Dianne Suminski, Anthony Pantuliano to Roshell Brady; 1/6/2014. $101,500

27 Cape Woods Road, Deborah Boyd, Deborah Spearin to Wayne Craig; 1/7/2014. $260,000

117 Old Mill Road, Deborah Smith to Michael Millard, Mary Millard D; 1/8/2014. $175,000

306 Village Road, John Mills, Andrew Sklar, Andrew Sklar Chapter 7 Trustee, Beth Ann Mills to Janette Lareau; 1/8/2014. $111,500

Middle Township

24 Third Ave., Donald Pitale, David Pitale to Danielle Fiore; 1/2/2014. $244,500

2007 Tidewater Ave., Ryan Homes to James Schaefer, Linda Schaefer; 1/3/2014. $274,090

2005 Tidewater Ave., Ryan Homes to Francis Brown, Barbara Brown; 1/3/2014. $238,230

2001 Tidewater Ave, Ryan Homes to Michael Campbell, Susan Campbell; 1/3/2014. $260,945

27 Eldredge Ave., Kenneth Gore to Anne Wiggins; 1/6/2014. $65,000

184 Lee Lane, Patricia Moses, Evelyn Warren, John Warren to Susan Davison; 1/7/2014. $180,000

14 Dyars Mill Road, Kevin William McLaughlin, Lisa Ann Mclaughlin to Daniel Hucklebridge, Christine Hucklebridge; 1/8/2014. $257,500

North Wildwood

316 E. 17th Ave. No. 5, Michael Fisher, Nicole Fisher, Justin Cifra, Danielle Cifra to William Mitchell, Theresa Mitchell; 1/2/2014. $270,000

413 E. 16th Ave., Theresa Petner, Mary Schwarz, Paul Schwarz, Kenneth Schwarz, Mary Ellen Gelner, James Schwarz, Thomas Schwarz to Theresa Petner, Michael Petner; 1/3/2014. $315,000

258b Allen Drive, Scott Battaglia to John Gingerelli, Jeannie Gingerelli; 1/6/2014. $93,000

2207 Surf Ave. Unit 204, Steven Cataldo, Patrice Cataldo, Patrice Cataldo to Francis Cardona, Judith Cardona; 1/6/2014. $200,000

138 W. Chestnut Ave., Margaret Coyle, Margaret Duffy, William Hugh Duffy, Anna Ruth Muldowney, Daniel Francis Duffy, Margaret Coyle to Jacqueline Edwards; 1/7/2014. $349,000

106 E. 21st Ave. First Fl Unit A, Lisa Guzzi to Melodie Rooney; 1/7/2014. $150,000

Ocean City

3748 Asbury Ave., John Flanagan to Christine Flanagan; 1/8/2014. $390,500

1401-07 Ocean Ave. No. 211, Anthony Samulis, Patricia Samulis to VS Yeung Enterprises LLC ; 1/9/2014. $275,300

Upper Township

11 McDonald Drive, Wells Fargo Bank to Chad Speicher, Amy Speicher; 1/3/2014. $189,900

117 Bryan Drive, Mary Elizabeth Dusman to Timothy Larson, Karen Larson; 1/6/2014. $157,000

West Cape May

123 Stimpson Lane, Robert Matthews, Barbara Jo Matthews, Robert Matthews, Delores Matthews to Lindsay Givens-Casale, Daniel Casale; 1/2/2014. $195,000


225 E. Wildwood Ave. Unit 220, A. Elizabeth Greenlee to Victor Idelson, Oksana Idelson; 1/2/2014. $55,000

4901 Susquehanna Ave., John Flanagan to Kathleen McHugh; 1/2/2014. $240,000

3403 Park Blvd., Edward Andres, Caralyn Andres, Clinton Black, Donna Dean to Steven Eckroth, Christine Eckroth; 1/2/2014. $255,000

2703 Atlantic Ave. Unit 2, Beach Partners, Joseph Baird, Sherry Baird, Ronald Wetzel to Stephen Early, Patti Early; 1/3/2014. $255,000

416 E. 26th Ave., Avalon Motel and Apts Inc. to Ocean View Motel LLC ; 1/7/2014. $350,000

116 W. Burk Ave. Unit B, Rosa Battiato to Michael Grisko, Kelly Grisko; 1/7/2014. $208,000

414 W. Youngs Ave. Unit Fl 1, John Long to Dawn Melendy, Lewis Tirendi; 1/7/2014. $90,000

116 W. Taylor Ave., Jo Anna Leyba, Ronald Leyba to John Bresch, Mary Bresch; 1/8/2014. $74,500

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