Cape May

1022 Seashore Road, Edward Holmes, Carolyn Twombly, Carolyn Baker, Carolyn Holmes, Carolyn Baker-Shelton to Daniel Coakley, Dorothy Coakley; 4/30/2013. $306,000

416 Chatam Drive, Walter Jablonski, Patricia Jablonski to Ronald Depasquale, Mary Ann Depasquale; 4/30/2013. $307,500

Latest Video

432B W. Perry St., Joan Larocca, Gary McGinley to Jack Moscato, Diana Moscato; 5/3/2013. $275,000

Lower Township

121 Village Road, Dorothy Coakley, Daniel Coakley to Pasquale Colleluori, Cheryl Colleluori; 4/30/2013. $155,000

212 States Ave., D Liability Co., James Hanson Associates LLC to Linda Kampmeier; 4/30/2013. $159,900

26 Maryland Ave., Mary King, Alfred Gardner, Mary Gardner to Michael Trautner, Walter Carter; 5/3/2013. $118,800

19 Vermont Ave., Brian O’Donnell to Stacie Cooper; 5/3/2013. $99,000

Middle Township

103 Beach Ave., Marie Fannie Healis to Thomas Barry, Sally Barry; 4/29/2013. $50,000

1520 Route 83, to US Bank NA ; 5/1/2013. $80,600

119 School House Lane, John Wood Phillip to Matthew Wood, Elizabeth Crain; 5/1/2013. $210,000

1901 Tidewater Ave. Unit 73, Ryan Homes to Edward Kline, Paula Kline; 5/2/2013. $278,410

18 Marlyn Drive, CHO Properties LLC to Craig Smith, Laura Smith Chao; 5/3/2013. $215,000

1100 Pamela Road, Michael Kazio, Janet Ann Kazio to Houshang Vahedi, Sweetlana Vahedi; 5/3/2013. $300,000

North Wildwood

2201 New York Ave., Michael Burbidge, Shirley Burbidge, Paul Brandt, Paul Brandt to David Moskowitz, Amy Moskowitz; 4/29/2013. $235,000

435 E. 17th Ave. Unit 9, John Wilson, Barbara Wilson, Carl Scheuermann, Karen Scheuermann to Michael D’Imperio, Helen D’Imperio; 5/1/2013. $170,000

417 E. 19th Ave. Unit 504, Nancy Terleski to James Scott; 5/2/2013. $132,500

1000 Kennedy Drive Unit 406, Roman Holiday LP, Beachfront LLC to Ralph Cacci; 5/3/2013. $140,000

708 Surf Ave. Unit 301A, Anthony Roselli, Barbara Roselli to Dennis McCafferty, Christine McCafferty; 5/3/2013. $260,000

539 E. 9th Ave. Unit 107, Maryann Leone to Robert Braxton, Hilda Braxton; 5/3/2013. $205,000

417 E. 19th Ave. Unit 410, Robert Damerjian, Melody Damerjian to John Cardow, Lisa Cardow; 5/3/2013. $125,000

West Cape May

213 Park Blvd. Unit D, Richard Jachim to Robert Randolph, Mary Jane Randolph; 4/30/2013. $300,000

West Wildwood

615 W. Glenwood Ave., Theresa Fahey, Dennis Fahey to Stephanie Scully-Kenworthy; 5/3/2013. $80,000


115 E. Juniper Ave., James Burlaga, Mary Burlaga to Mark Zartler, Nancy Zartler; 4/29/2013. $237,900

400 W. Magnolia Ave., John Keane to Anthony Lopresti, Barbara Lopresti; 4/30/2013. $199,000

149 E. Davis, Cedar Villas Inc. to Frank Faustino, Kimberly Faustino; 5/3/2013. $275,000

329 W. Andrews Ave. Unit 1, Jacqueline Leban to Bernadette Markey; 5/3/2013. $52,500

310 E. Poplar Ave. Unit 3, George Fravel, Catherine Fravel to Glenn Sherman, Diane Sherman; 5/3/2013. $242,000

Wildwood Crest

411 E. Buttercup Road Unit 303, George Marasco, Mary Marasco to Craig Emery, Robin Emery; 4/29/2013. $325,000

231 W. Buttercup Road Unit E, Michael Giordano, Kim Giordano to Carla Jean Iacobacci; 5/2/2013. $138,000

135 E. Lavender Road, Lucinda Iezzi to Joseph Prunier, Linda Prunier; 5/3/2013. $112,000

301 E. Rochester Ave. Unit 304, Eugene Schott, Linda Schott to Stephen Piselli, Maria Piselli; 5/3/2013. $330,000

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