Lower Township

117 W St Johns St, Edward Dehaven, Burnetta Dehaven to Samuel Veasey, Jill Veasey; 10/1/2012. $135,000

21 Barbara Terrace, Robert Moll A, Patricia Moll E to David Morais R, Kathleen Morais S; 10/1/2012. $260,000

Latest Video

17 W Jacksonville Ave, 101 Briarwood Ave LLC to Craig Schwemmer; 10/1/2012. $62,000

607 Winslow Ave, Alexander Rogers, Anne Rogers C to Charles Supinski, Angela Supinski; 10/2/2012. $135,000

232 Lennox Ave, Geraldine Tarsi, Victor Germanis, Geraldine Germanis T to Lisa Denoto; 10/4/2012. $50,000

209 Birch Rd, Theresa Olson Ann, Gustav Olson E to Ken Weiss, Marnie Weiss; 10/5/2012. $137,500

1205 Franklin Ave, Leonilda Byrne, Leonilda Cusack, Thomas Cusack J to Gregory Covaleski J, Lynda Covaleski A; 10/5/2012. $175,000

2998 Bybrook Rd, Federal National Mortgage Assn, Fannie Mae, Mallary Steinfeld, Pluese Becker & Staltzman LLC to Joanne Taylor; 10/5/2012. $210,000

46 Magnolia Ave, Sandra Di Rico to Kathleen McFadden R, Sean McFadden M; 10/5/2012. $156,500

Middle Township

507 Seacrest Ln, John Brown J, John Heitmann H, Ruth Brown to Robert Moll A, Patricia Moll E; 10/1/2012. $201,000

1307 Tidewater Ave C52, NVR Inc, Ryan Homes to Richard Werner, Kathleen Werner; 10/1/2012. $253,220

92 & 94 Indian Trail Rd, Gulf Armace USA LLC to Louis Altobelli H; 10/2/2012. $275,000

22 Acorn Ln, Gloria Mc Gaharn J, Lottie Varano, John McGaharn J to Traci Wilson M; 10/2/2012. $180,000

27 Park Ave, John Ferrante, Arlene Ferrante to Joseph Mann P; 10/2/2012. $145,000

10 Hoppy’s Lane, Peggyanne Mathis, Norva McBride, Mildred Hoffman, Norva McBride to William Albrecht; 10/2/2012. $85,000

110 S 8th St, Fabio Pawlus to Jacquelyn De Horsey S; 10/4/2012. $194,750

33 Whimbrel Way Unit G1, James Hall R, Carol Hall Ann, James Hall R to Brian Corbett T, Madelyn Corbett M; 10/5/2012. $303,000

1906 Tidewater Ave Unit 135, NVR Inc , Ryan Homes to Richard Hudnett J, Barbara Hudnett; 10/5/2012. $222,040

1401, 1403, 1405, 1407 Tidewater Ave, Conifer Greenbriar Llc, Conifer Realty Llc to NVR Inc, Ryan Homes; 10/5/2012. $220,000

North Wildwood

2510 Atlantic Unit 103, Michael Jentsch to John Drescher; 10/1/2012. $99,800

431 W Oak Ave, Anna Bonner to Raymond Flaville P; 10/1/2012. $285,000

111 New York Ave, Ingrid La Porte M, Helen Brandt M to George Myers, Josephine Myers; 10/1/2012. $345,000

706 New Jersey Ave, Local No 59 Wildwood Patrolmen’s Benevolent Assn to Darren Stafferi LLC; 10/1/2012. $175,000

510 Anglesea Dr, Serena Crawford, Serena Skorupa, Thomas Skorupa to Kathleen Keenan M; 10/4/2012. $235,000

701 Ocean Ave Unit 2, William Hornibrook, Shannon Hornibrook M, Shannon Hornibrook to John Poley P, Brittany Poley C; 10/4/2012. $105,000

701 Ocean Ave Unit 5, Michael Facciolo E, Lisa Facciolo M, William Murphy P, Maria Murphy to Raymond Dilks A, Bridget Dilks R; 10/4/2012. $80,000

West Cape May

101 Bayshore Rd, Thomas Horgan P, Lisa Horgan M to Richard Kauffeld W, Anita Kauffeld L; 10/3/2012. $100,000


225 E Cresse Ave, Piero DiGiannantonio, Antoinetta DiGiannantonio to Carol Montello K; 10/1/2012. $274,000

215 E Burk Ave, 104 S Oakland Ave LLC to Robert Grimley John, Laurie Grimley Alida, Robert John Grimley and Laurie Grimley Revocable Trust; 10/4/2012. $130,000

4117 Hudson Ave, Domingos Araujo, Donna Amet, Domingos Araujo to John Jengehino, Susan Jengehino; 10/4/2012. $240,000

225 E Bennett Ave Unit 3, DDD LLC to Aldus Wertz, Cheryl Wertz; 10/5/2012. $320,000

Wildwood Crest

7100 Seaview Ave Unit 207, Frank Ragone L, Deborah Ragone A to John DiDonato M, Stacy DiDonato A; 10/1/2012. $149,900

5901 New Jersey Ave, Jane Johnson E to 5901 Real Estate Llc ; 10/2/2012. $300,000

106 W Buttercup Rd, Alice Valeri M, Louis Valeri J to Gregg Teeple A, Joan Teeple M; 10/3/2012. $260,000


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