Lower Township

601 Washington Blvd., Charles McGuire, Carol McGuire to Sarah Hoster, Michael Perce; 3/12/2013. $225,000

137 Race Track, Eugene Falcone, Rose Ann Falcone to Richard Zickerman; 3/12/2013. $345,000

214 Hollywood Ave., Michael Desteffano, Michelle Desteffano to Philipp Weidlich; 3/13/2013. $150,000

15 Captains St., Robert Feighery, Carol Feighery to Valentino Speyerer, Desiree Speyerer; 3/14/2013. $310,000

116 Utah Ave., Lori Robinson, Lori Cannulli to Brian Vanderhorn; 3/15/2013. $122,000

103 E. Virginia Ave., lynx Asset Services LLC to Henry Engel, Karen Engel; 3/15/2013. $79,000

Middle Township

11 Michaels Court, CKJR LLC to Christopher Shivers, Jennifer Shivers; 3/11/2013. $287,800

10 N. 6th St., Tompkins Builders, Stephen Tompkins, Robert Tompkins to Timothy Burke, Patricia Burke; 3/12/2013. $257,000

17 Tally-Ho Road, John Gibson to Tompkins Builders; 3/12/2013. $78,500

North Wildwood

137B Allen Drive, James Lolcama, Joan Lolcama to John Davis; 3/11/2013. $89,900

125 W. 20th Ave., Estelle Barone to Mary Frances Trunfio, Anthony Trunfio, Rosemarie Ricci; 3/15/2013. $296,000

West Cape May

701 Grand Ave., George Butler, Ann Batchelor Simons, John Simons to Kaata LLC ; 3/12/2013. $160,000

112 York Ave., Dolores Rumsey, Jean Rumsey, David Rumsey to David Hayman, Tracey Hayman; 3/13/2013. $260,000


208 E. 20th Ave. Unit 2D, William Devine, Margaret Devine to Michael Fuhrmeister, Jennifer Fuhrmeister; 3/13/2013. $227,000

5201 Ocean Ave. Unit 4004, Marilyn Gibbons, Roger Gibbons to Robert Desalvo, Marcia Desalvo; 3/14/2013. $250,000

230 E. 26th St., Billy Chriss Maffei to Kimberly Elliot, James Peters; 3/15/2013. $162,500

Wildwood Crest

126 W. Hollywood Ave., Angelina Cosenza to Walter Livingston, Karen Livingston; 3/11/2013. $300,000

302 E. Buttercup Road, Colin Seiss to Raymond Saggese, Susan Saggese; 3/11/2013. $120,000

5716 Seaview Ave. Unit 1, Paul Chickadel, Lynnea Ann Chickadel to Thomas Martinelli, Carol Martinelli; 3/11/2013. $196,500

9905 Seapointe Blvd. Unit 316, Veronica Pugliese, Ralph Pugliese to Ted Liability Co. Columbia Heights Holdings; 3/12/2013. $258,000

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