Lower Township

675B Town Bank Road, Herbert Mitchell, Lynn Mitchell to Timothy Twombly; 1/7/2013. $145,000

20 Delair Road, Shirl Kaplan, Judith Lawrence, Louise Caglia, Margaret Dimatteo, Albert Lawrence, Richard Lawrence, William Lawrence, Laura Hensil to Joseph Descher James; 1/8/2013. $120,000

Latest Video

226 Roseann Ave., Barbara Coyle, James Coyle J to Antonio Gomes, Olivia Gomes; 1/9/2013. $175,000

7 Shawcrest Road, Paul Merrick J to William Peters A, Tammy Peters; 1/9/2013. $225,000

1101 Seashore Road, Beatrice Gesualdo, Antonio Prioletti, Antoinette Fava, Lucia Macaluso to Nature Conservancy; 1/11/2013. $260,000

Middle Township

1407 Tidewater Ave., Ryan Homes to Linda Mongiello A, Pasquale Mongiello; 1/8/2013. $236,080

1901, 1903, 1905, 1907 Tidewater, Conifer Greenbriar Llc to Ryan Homes; 1/8/2013. $220,000

1403 Tidewater Ave., Ryan Homes to Patricia Rahill; 1/8/2013. $228,812

1401 Tidewater Ave., Ryan Homes to Marilyn Whitebread; 1/8/2013. $257,385

6 Faith Run, Deborah Tozour, Mary Haq Elizabeth, Martha Barb Family Trust, to Nick Arefpour, Delara Arefpour; 1/8/2013. $225,000

7 Sand Castle Drive, Merrill Bradway Eugene, Helena Bradway M to Maria Biffoni A; 1/9/2013. $117,500

1004 Tidewater Ave Unit 162, Ryan Homes to John Shea J; 1/11/2013. $216,475

North Wildwood

114 W. 17th Ave., June Kostek I to Jennifer Sherwin; 1/8/2013. $149,000

321 W. Pine Ave., Alexander Schernecke J, Margaret Schernecke V to Marian McGorry E; 1/9/2013. $230,000

220 E. Ninth Ave., Dorothy Massa M, Valerie Figaniak, Anthony Massa F to Kevin Cook S; 1/10/2013. $320,000

1900 Boardwalk Unit 102, Dolores D Polizze Irrevocable Trust, Michael Polizze, Donna Martin M, John Polizze A to Rosemary Petrucelli; 1/10/2013. $259,900

409 E. 12th Ave., Lawrence Troy I, Bethann Troy, Michelle Troy B to Alba DiDonato; 1/11/2013. $82,000


630 Rio Grande Ave. Unit 630, 614 W Rio Grande LLC to Steven Vaspoli, Tina Vaspoli; 1/11/2013. $349,000

Wildwood Crest

404-06 E. Farragut Ave. 9, Barbara Goodman A, Robert P Goodman Revocable Trust, Eleanor Goodman J to Jan Baginski, Halina Baginski, Baginski Living Trust; 1/7/2013. $148,000

300 E. Raleigh Ave., Raymond Cassetta, Lenore Cassetta to Joseph Vigilante, Donna Vigilante; 1/7/2013. $307,000

427 E. Miami Ave. Unit 307, Robert Reeves G, Catherine Reeves G to Elvio Giardini, Jeannette Giardini; 1/9/2013. $130,000

208 E. Forget-Me-Not Road Unit 211, John Feller L, Evelyn Feller to Mark Lemon C, Carole Volcy-Lemon; 1/10/2013. $150,000

127 E. Aster Road, August Matteis Joseph, Pamira Matteis Shah, Mantu Gupta, Lopa Gupta to Catherine Dowling; 1/11/2013. $265,000

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