Cape May

1136-38 Lafayette St., William Saponaro to Thomas Di Donato J; 10/15/2012. $295,000

Lower Township

Latest Video

34 Adelphia Road, Roberta Krueger W, Paula Striebe D, Robert Striebe N, Roberta Krueger to Bernard Dera; 10/13/2012. $68,000

105 Harmony Road, John Matthews T, Tamara Matthews to Robert Garton, Janice Conwell; 10/13/2012. $130,000

100 E. Virginia Ave., Sonja Amaker, Eileen Riley-Amaker, to William Fischer J; 10/13/2012. $145,000

1 W. Bates Ave., James Vallorani, Eve Vallorani to Suzana Beites Paula; 10/18/2012. $115,000

9 Osprey Drive, Eldon Poole, Nancy Poole to Rosemarie Smith L; 10/18/2012. $215,000

Middle Township

163 Lee Lane, Jay Strausbaugh E, Patricia Strausbaugh L to Russell Troynousky S, Arlene Troynousky; 10/13/2012. $140,500

1902 Tidewater Ave., Ryan Homes to Thomas Bilson E, Jacqueline Bilson R; 10/16/2012. $248,000

1904 Tidewater Ave., Ryan Homes to Ralph Smeraldi J, Deborah Smeraldi; 10/16/2012. $206,455

North Wildwood

416 E. 24th Ave. Unit 200, Steven Bell, Thomas Lilly, Eileen Lilly to Lori Bruce Ann, Edward Bruce L; 10/13/2012. $325,000

105 E. 24th Ave. Unit C, Albert Catarro F, Lynne Catarro, Louis Catarro to Michael Flem, Susan Flem Maiello; 10/17/2012. $208,000

118 E. 13th Ave., William Reasner, Judith Reasner H, William Reasner S to Adal LLC; 10/18/2012. $245,000


321 E. Hand Ave., Unit 321, DeDe LLC to Christopher Schleider, Christine Schleider; 10/15/2012. $350,000

121 W Schellenger Ave., Louise Vizcaino Cruz to Christopher Houston J, Sara Houston A; 10/17/2012. $290,000

Wildwood Crest

5502 Seaview Ave., Stanley Szczur, Margaret Szczur T, Mary Driscoll to Robert Bostock, Cheryl Bostock; 10/13/2012. $275,000

6105 Seaview Ave., Philip Bonelli J, Lawrence Bonelli R, Nancy Robbins D, Sally Casey A to Ronald Robbins, Nancy Robbins D; 10/13/2012. $195,000

136 W. Wisteria Ave., J Penny Michael, James Penny M, Nancy Penny Lee to James Penny M, J Penny Mark; 10/13/2012. $126,000

2 Lake Road East, Christopher Brown J to James Brophy; 10/16/2012. $330,000

5407 Pacific Ave. Unit 1, MLD Properties LLC to Mark Bowker, Deborah Bowker; 10/17/2012. $89,000

123 E. Hollywood Ave., Joseph McGrath T, Cynthia McGrath P to Holly DiBalsi A, Michael DiBalsi D; 10/18/2012. $300,000

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