Lower Township

902 Ocean Drive Unit 1003, William Joerg R, Patricia Joerg A to Joseph Sisti D, Angela Sisti; 9/19/2012. $300,000

134 E. Delaware Ave., Raymond Wrubel E, Miriam Wrubel E to Mark Allston, Christine Hamilton; 9/20/2012. $102,500

Latest Video

9905 Seapointe Blvd. Unit 200, Lisa Cumings Ann to Robert Canavan J, Jean Canavan V; 9/21/2012. $200,000

21 Tern St., Mercedes Baumann J to John Szczepanski; 9/21/2012. $172,500

50 E. New York Ave., James Freeman R to James Roach, Kathleen Roach; 9/21/2012. $89,900

Middle Township

12 Church Road, Edith Bishop B, An Joint Living Trus Harry S Sloan And Esther B Slo T, An Joint Living Trus Sloan Harry S And Esther B Slo T to 3101 Route 9 South Llc ; 9/18/2012. $50,000

1303 Tidewater Ave. Unit 50, nvr Inc, Ryan Homes to Ralph Stephens J, Patricia Stephens A; 9/20/2012. $234,459

212 Sunray Beach Road, Anthony Troise, Donna Troise, Dara Troise M to Antonio Tavares R, Joana Tavares S; 9/20/2012. $142,500

North Wildwood

212 E. 17th Ave Apt D, Salvatore Grande P to Santo Grande A; 9/17/2012. $80,000

413 E. 15 St., James Golden M, Marie Golden, Daniel Golden, Meg Golden, Robert Golden, Anne Golden, Richard Golden F, Janet Golden, Joseph Golden P, Bernadette Golden, Robert Golden M to James Golden M, Marie Golden; 9/18/2012. $150,000

417-425 E. 22nd Ave. Unit 304, Dean Conner D, Amy Conner B to Mark Finley S, Gretchen Finley M; 9/19/2012. $133,000

417-425 E. 22nd Ave. Unit 204, Mark Finley S, Gretchen Finley M to Neal Kweder L, Maureen Kweder T; 9/19/2012. $140,000

236 W. Walnut Ave., Eugene Thornton W to David Lindsey ; 9/21/2012. $259,900

228 E. 3rd Ave., John Lynch Joseph, Joseph Hoppe R to Thomas Harley A, Kathleen Harley; 9/21/2012. $280,000

509-525 E. 4th Ave., Michael Petticrew, Laura Petticrew to Thomas Raum E, Patricia Raum A; 9/21/2012. $105,000

West Wildwood

101 Arion Ave., Eugene Taylor, Kathleen Taylor M to William Heeney J, Phoebe Heeney; 9/20/2012. $285,000


3102 Ocean Ave. Unit E, Robert Murphy E, Linda Murphy L to Stephen Perlingiero C, Miriam Perlingiero J; 9/19/2012. $243,000

4108 Artic Ave. No. 100, Joseph Vogt H, Joseph Vogt H to William King, Theresa King; 9/20/2012. $168,000

Wildwood Crest

315 E. Monterey Ave., Alexander Formento, Mary Formento Elizabeth to Barry Kratchman, Donna Kratchman; 9/17/2012. $444,500

9903 Seapointe Blvd. No. 709, Dominick Licausi, Deborah Licausi to Robert Van Dyke, Carole Van Dyke; 9/19/2012. $274,900

114 E. Stanton Road, Mildred Gideon A, Cheryl Ste-Marie A to Mark Lattanzio, Case Lattanzio; 9/20/2012. $255,000

307 E. Monterey Ave. Unit A, Anne Tucker to William Nihill, Maureen Nihill; 9/20/2012. $165,000

5600 Seaview Ave. Unit 26, Antonis Nicolaou to Janine Lahart, James O’Connor; 9/20/2012. $75,000

300 E. Syracuse Ave. Unit 101, Sims Enterprises Llc to Frank Ragone L, Deborah Ragone A; 9/21/2012. $210,000

219 Diamond Sand Drive, Richard Lutz, Susan DiBiase-Lutz to Emilio Ferrante, Lisa Ferrante A; 9/21/2012. $160,000

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