LOWER TOWNSHIP — School buses no longer have to stop at several railroad crossings because the train service is not operating.

Township Manager Mike Voll, who had pushed for the change because he said it was causing a dangerous backup of school buses on Breakwater Road and Tabernacle Road, made the announcement Tuesday.

Federal law requires school buses to stop at railroad crossings, but Voll argued this was creating an unnecessary danger when Cape May Seashore Lines has not used this section of track since 2010.

The state Department of Transportation earlier this year approved “exempt crossing” signs for the two streets and gave Cape May Seashore Lines until Feb. 28 to put them up. The signs, which went up Tuesday, mean school buses, NJ Transit buses, fuel trucks, Cape May County’s Fare Free Transportation and other vehicles subject to the federal law no longer have to stop at the tracks on Breakwater and Tabernacle roads as they link Seashore Road and Route 9 near the Lower Cape May Regional School District.

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