A Rio Grande man was arrested on charges of purse snatching, pretending to be a police officer, attempted robbery and robbing an off-duty officer all in the past week.

Police announced the arrest of Gregory J. Anthony, 18, for three different incidents Thursday.

Anthony is charged with robbery, conspiracy and theft, impersonating a police officer, and possession of stolen property.

Police made the arrest Thursday after connecting Anthony to the incidents. On Jan. 2 he and Benjamin Torres 18, of Del Haven, allegedly snatched a purse from a customer at the Rio Grande ShopRite. They ran away and the purse was recovered, police allege.

Also on Jan. 2, police said an off-duty officer’s vehicle was broken into in Rio Grande and several items were stolen including a police hat badge, rain coat, and bag.

That night police responded to Ocean Isle Tans for a report of a man in a police uniform who tried to take money from the cash register.

Anthony was transported to Cape May County jail on $25,000 bail.