Williams on dean's list

Michael J. Williams, of Marmora, was named to the dean's list for the fall 2013 semester at Lee College of Engineering at the University of North Carolina-Charlotte.

Turner receives award

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Scott Turner, of Ocean View, a former FBI special agent, received the 2013 Attorney General Award for Distinguished Service at the Washington Field Office on Dec. 3 from Attorney General Eric Holder. Turner was lead agent for the FBI on a large multi-agency mortgage fraud case.

Taylor on dean's list at U of Vermont

Laura Taylor, of Marmora, was named to the dean's list for the fall 2013 semester at the University of Vermont in Burlington, Vt.

Students selected to perform

Bronson Manley, of Ocean City, and Cory Nickerson, of Seaville, were to perform as part of the TCNJ Wind Ensemble at the College Band Directors National Association Eastern Division Conference in Boston, Mass., March 6-8 at the New England Conservatory of Music.

The TCNJ Wind Ensemble was to be joined by peers from Temple University, the Hartt School, Westchester University, the University of Massachusetts and the New England Conservatory of Music. The Wind Ensemble also was to stop at John P. Stevens High School in Edison to perform and chat with prospective students about their interests in pursing music as a career.

Students on dean's list at U of Sciences

The following students were named to the fall 2013 dean's list at University of the Sciences in Philadelphia.

Dean Wetty, a doctor of pharmacy student, of Cape May Court House;

Michael Capozzoli,a pharmaceutical and health-care business student, of North Wildwood;

Stephen Casiello, a pharmaceutical and health-care business student;of Wildwood Crest,

Sarah Laubengeyer, a doctor of physical therapy student, of Woodbine.

Selection for this award is based on completing and passing all assigned courses with no grade below a C and attaining an academic average of at least 3.4 for courses taken in fall 2013.

Students on dean's list at Stockton

Students named to the dean's list for the fall 2013 semester at the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey in Galloway Township included:

Gregg Metzler, Megan Metzler and Taylarr Layton, all of Avalon;

Courtney Keenan, Colin Fahy and Maddison Halliday, all of Beesleys Point;

Kendra Lee, of Burleigh;

Amanda Axelsson, Frances Cella, Stephanie Dugan, Lindsey Harner, Renea Irvine, Christopher Knipe, Haley Matsinger, Jeffrey McCart, Kaylie Pettifer, Thomas Pilatsky, Kelly Purcell ,Christine Sundstrom and Michelle Winter, all of Cape May;

Benjamin Adiletto, Megan Birchall, Michael Bravo, Taylor Cawley, Shannon Chambers, Amelia Croteau, Tara Donley, Michaela Fiorucci, Christopher Eaves, Austin King, Annamarie McKee, Disha Modi, Brett Murphy, Sean O'Neill, Dennis Roberts,Valerie Robertson, Samantha Robinson, Christine Rodia, Joseph Rogowski, Clayton Rossner, Mark Sansone, Nicole Simpkins, Caroline Slovak,Quanette Vasser and Melissa Verdade, all of Cape May Court House;

Nichole Lepore, of Clermont;

Kristen Mooers, of Dennisville;

Justin Laird and Antonino Piro, both of Erma;

Kelsey Champion, of Green Creek;

Erin Garrison, of Greenfield;

Merrill Anderson, Cooper Anderson, Daniel Edwards, Ryan Heckler, Kristi Hennessy, Randall Kohr, Joshua Kooker, William Lombard, Tyesha Sistler, Allison Wigglesworth and Samantha Zelinski, all of Marmora;

Stephanie Cella, Jacklyn Fazio, Kelly Hobbs, Danielle Kebert, Angelina McKinney, Gaspare Piro, Sabrina Temple and Alexandra Wilson, all of North Cape May;

Nicole Dever, Thomas Grieser, Deneen Piotrowski and William Piotrowski, all of North Wildwood;

Ciara Barrick, Sharon Coyle, Ronald DeFelice, Arles duPont-Town, Andrew Fau, Samantha Filangieri, Michael Foglio, Jaclyn Gallagher, Michael Hughes, Jennifer Jackson, Wayne Laffitte, Mary Lawless, Ryan Lenegan, Cynthia Mulholland, Edwin Nusbaum, Tamila Pelaez, Kevin Poltorak, David Ross, Jayne Snyder, Kate Warden, Paige Weissman and Andrea Zizza, all of Ocean City;

Kristina Babore, Sarah Best, Kelsey Bradley, Linda Galardi, Amber Johnston and Melanie Wilezol, all of Ocean View;

Amanda Jamison, of Palermo;

Rachael Cox, Sarah Dondero-Skeels, Victoria Marx, Jenna Saccoccio and Chelsea Snyder, all of Petersburg;

Victoria Bennett, Shayla Robinson and Melissa Zsitkovsky, all of Rio Grande;

Morgan Appleyard, Cameron Koshland, Grace McDermott, Averi Olive, Olivia Olive, Jeannie Romano, Kerileigh Sherman and Kieran Tracey, all of Sea Isle City;

Francesca Babore, Ryan Booth, Sarah Ferenz, Sara Knight, Robert Macom and Samuel Peterson, all of Seaville;

Carl McKaig, of South Dennis;

Elizabeth VanTrieste, of Swainton;

Angela Harron, of Townbank;

Gazelle D'Agostino, Rachael Fricker, Elizabeth Gaworski, Laura Gipple, Elizabeth Mestre, Crystal Montanez, Dana Oberkofler and Macy Zhelyazkova,all of Villas;

Olivia Zeitler, of West Cape May;

Jonna Castagno, Jose Otero, Rachel Sanders, Corey Savard and Rachel Scott, all of Wildwood;

Tyler Golato, Loretta Kelly and Volha Bortnik, all of Wildwood Crest;

Nicole Bachich, Jennie Ciabatoni, Julie Mason, Kimberly Phillips and Julie Treen, all of Woodbine.


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