8806 Winchester Ave., Geoffrey Hurwitz & Natividad Hurwitz to Ann Baron; 10/14/2010. $777,500

2 S. Brunswick Ave., Herbert Shiroff & Andrea Shiroff to David Dileonardo; 10/14/2010. $610,000

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354 N. Rumson Ave., Donald A Pettinelli & Melody Pettinelli to Robert Schwartz & Judith Creed; 10/12/2010. $2,000,000

116 Harding Ave. Second Floor, Kevin D Vallen & Janine Vallen & William C Perkins & Kristi Perkins to Silvia Barbosa; 10/12/2010. $210,000

113B N. Monroe Ave., Michelle J Douglass & Joseph Massey to Nickolas Ionnis Sakaleros & Jennifer Ann Sakaleros; 10/12/2010. $560,000

7504 Atlantic Ave., Todd M Lipschultz & Tammy Lipschultz to SSH Holdings LLC; 10/12/2010. $1,600,000

9600 Atlantic Ave. Unit 1112, Diana Winokur & Daniel S Winokur to Paul Realty Co; 10/12/2010. $450,000

8600 Atlantic Ave., Victor F Dosch & Rosemary H Dosch to 8600 Atlantic Ave LLC; 10/14/2010. $950,000


6100 Boardwalk Unit 111, Shirley Shumsky to Paul J Joyce; 10/12/2010. $135,000

6101 Monmouth Ave. Unit 911, John F Collins to Edward M McShea & Patricia Kofsky; 10/15/2010. $247,500

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