Artist program set

The Jewish Community Center will host a bagel lunch program and a chance to meet, greet and learn from three artists from the Partnership 2Gether community of Arad at 11:30 a. m. Nov. 6 at the Center, 501 N. Jerome Ave., Margate.

Three artists will speak about the growing artisan population in Arad and show a variety of their works. They include Aliza Ben Ner, whose work is inspired by the desert sands of Arad. Her work is a collection of mixed media including three dimensional works with watercolors, acrylic, fabric and embroidery. Also present will be Laly Lazan, who creates new and different pieces of jewelry, specializing in renovation, restoration and design, and Heli Cohen, a sculptor from the Arad artist quarter, who creates glass mosaics and glass beads.

The program is free and open to the entire community. Call Josh Cutler for more information at 609-822-1167 or email