Rose Nihill owns and operates Aquaa in Margate.

Business: Aquaa

Location: 22 S. Douglas Ave., Margate

Owner: Rose Nihill, 48, of Huntingdon Valley, Pa.

Latest Video

Started: July 2012

Employees: Two seasonally

Revenues: Not disclosed

Phone: 609-289-8477

I love to shop. I’m addicted to shopping. I can always find great deals. I had all these wonderful things in my attic. My mother used to say it was like going to Marshall’s going into my attic.

I took a space at Teaberry Antiques (in Dennis Township) and sold everything in the attic. My husband agreed I had an eye for selecting nice things. We ended up finding this big building in Huntingdon Valley across from my kids’ school. So I went into business. Now I have a store called AddicTreasures in Huntingdon Valley. It’s in a building that dates back to the 1700s. Martha Washington stayed in our town. It’s very historic.

I’m very community-oriented. I like to raise money for different groups. In Huntington Valley, I run a wine and cheese event every Friday night. Sometimes we have a visiting vendor on Friday nights.

But our family also spends a lot of time in Somers Point each summer. My husband is a Navy guy with a big boat he restored in Somers Point with our three kids. So we spend our summers there.

My husband and I both agreed for the business to grow we needed to find a second business at the shore. The question was where. We started looking around. Some people suggested we look in Margate. I knew Lucy the Elephant was there but that was all I knew about Margate.

This year we opened Aquaa. The name is a play on words. When you think of the beach, you think of the aqua color of the ocean and the sky.

It’s eclectic and unique. We have fashion, accessories, jewelry and gifts. I don’t buy 50 of one piece. We buy in small quantities so we can provide a lot of variety. We have lots of hand-crafters. Right now we have about 13 vendors.

It’s a friendly atmosphere and a family business. I have fallen in love with Margate. It really is a nice family community. I’m all about family.

The store will be open Thursday through Sunday until the summer. Then it’s seven days a week.

In the future, I think I’ll start getting more involved in Margate and the surrounding areas. That’s the way I am. I’m a people-person.

With three kids, three dogs and two businesses, it’s a challenge. I want to make sure I do right by everybody.


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