1 S. 32nd Ave., Barbera Rita, Barbera Charles, Barbera Eugene to Crest Construction; 11/30/2012. $550,000


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400 N. Fredericksburg Ave., Bernicker Lupe to Davidson Regan Leigh; 11/26/2012. $263,000

114 N. Barclay Ave., Swift Jennifer C to Miller Michael S, Miller Ellen M; 11/26/2012. $475,000

9300 Atlantic Ave. No. 304, Sullivan Christine R, Sullivan Wallace F to Furia Robert, Furia Carolyn M; 11/27/2012. $212,000

5 S. Jerome Ave., Gedansky Lewis M, Gedansky Joan L to Senseman Karl E, Varallo Franklin A; 11/27/2012. $570,000

9500-9506 A Amherst Ave. Unit 3a, Flood Marc A, Brong Joyce Collier, Collier Brong Joyce to Tabatabaei Emad, Nabavi Mahnosh; 11/28/2012. $140,000

305 N. Essex Ave., Moskovitz Mitchell S, Moskovitz Martin to Sweeney Paul J, Sweeney Atara; 11/28/2012. $275,000

18 S. Coolidge Ave., Rosenbaum Michael, Rosenbaum Judith to Applebaum David A, Applebaum Carla N; 11/29/2012. $475,000

8801 Atlantic Ave., Baylinson Roy, Parker Cook Tr, Cook Parker to East Shore Dev Co Llc; 11/29/2012. $750,000

101 S. Douglas Ave., Harkins Edward A, Harkins Bertha M to Baglivo Steven; 11/30/2012. $760,000

213 N. Clarendon Ave., Fischer Charles B, Fischer Susan B to Chapman Andrew E, Ceaser Chapman Beth J, Chapman Beth J Ceaser; 11/30/2012. $433,500

224 N. Delavan Ave., Ohala Michael, Troy Elizabeth, Troy Francis to Napoli Brian A; 11/30/2012. $285,000


20 N. Martindale Ave., Gaynes Stephen L, Gaynes Marianne C to Segal Michael, Segal Robin; 11/28/2012. $400,000

500 Boardwalk Unit 1113, Micale Joseph, Micale Edith T to Kessler Barton, Kessler Audrey E; 11/30/2012. $260,000

123 N. Rosborugh Ave., Smith Ann L to Litrenta Vincent, Litrenta Donna; 11/30/2012. $210,000

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