111 S 16th St Unit 214, Carney Ruth, Carney James F to Devereaux Betty Jane, Devereaux John J; 11/2/2012. $200,000


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3501 Boardwalk Unit 107, Sheiman Shirley, Sheiman Max, Sheiman Hoffman Sarah to Gilchrist Deborah, Mazza Louis; 11/2/2012. $52,000

9300 Atlantic Ave No. 316, Appel Audrey, Appel Jay, Apparies Carol to Pavone Luza A, Pavone Joseph A; 11/2/2012. $230,000

9601 Atlantic Ave B6, Dilissio Lisa A, Dilissio Joseph C to Caporale Ronald J; 11/2/2012. $155,000


111 S Dudley Ave Unit 221, Mandel Ilya N, Mandel Manana O to Zwerling Micah; 10/31/2012. $195,000

205 Somerset Ave, Klein Irene to Baum Talbot M, Baum Lynne C; 10/31/2012. $87,500

133 N Dudley Ave, Savar Robert H, Savar Annabelle to Mendelsohn Jules; 11/1/2012. $125,000

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