35 S. 32nd Ave., Bessey, Christian, Bessey, Margaret J., Bessey, George C. to Davco Construction Inc.; 12/6/2013. $910,000


10 N. Union Ave., Golden, Michael L., Green, Shelley Z. to Crest Construction LLC; 12/2/2013. $825,000

410 N. Gladstone Ave., Curry, Rosalie B. to Poppiti, Vincent, Poppiti, Susan; 12/2/2013. $500,000

302 N. Harding Ave., Wilson, William, Deluca, Sharon to Cristaldi, Michael, Cristaldi, Janet E.; 12/5/2013. $225,000

2 S. Iroquois Ave., Ludwig, Bruce, Ludwig, Gertrude to Ludwig, Bruce M., Tarnoff, Wendy S.; 12/6/2013. $543,000


7002 Monmouth Ave., Ben, Chapman Dev LLC, Chapman, Ben to Wilk, Kevin C., Wilk, Deirdre Ann Dalmas; 12/2/2013. $380,000

4800 Boardwalk Unit 2108, Lavinsky, Linda S., Lavinsky, Mark to Koppel, Max M., Koppel, Barbara; 12/2/2013. $160,000

109 N. Sacramento Ave., Portnoy, Michael to Argus, Craig; 12/3/2013. $48,000

603 N. Dudley Ave., Tursi, Peter L. to Ruzzo, Michael; 12/3/2013. $99,950

6100 Boardwalk Unit 119,  Johnson, Tanya Brown to Katzen, Everett, Lehman, Amanda; 12/6/2013. $330,000

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