20 N. Woodcrest Ave., Savio, James, Meehan, James J. to Kalen, Woodcrest LLC; 3/5/2013. $425,000


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7 S. Andover Ave., Kuhl, Steven, Kuhl, Judie J. to Lombardi, Vincent, Lombardi, Carmela; 3/2/2013. $595,000

9600 Atlantic Ave. Unit 503, Wildman, Diane, Gruber, Diane to Vockel, Stewart, Vockel, Pamela S.; 3/2/2013. $398,000

115 N. Washington Ave. Unit 3, Grimley, David K., Grimley, Lori to Cohen, Robert I., Cohen, Michelle W.; 3/2/2013. $435,000

7505 Bayshore Drive, Green, Marla, Didio, James to Peruto, Charles; 3/7/2013. $800,000

23 S. Washington Ave. Unit 2D, Casaba Real Estate Holding Corp. to Kofsky, Stanton, Kofsky, Pamela S.; 3/8/2013. $515,000


211 N. Washington Ave., Warren, George H., Panetta, Judith M., Warren, Judy to Barbella, Michael, Eskanzi, Carrie; 3/2/2013. $275,000

821 Marshall Court, Waterview Associates, Almor LLC, Morris, Alan R., Yeagle, Irwin to Staszewski, Kamil, Mrowka, Natalia; 3/2/2013. $75,000

802 N. Surrey Ave., Marin, Miriam, Marin, Walter, Gallego, Gloria to Baker, John C.; 3/5/2013. $110,000

6115 Winchester Ave., Dorsch, Mary E., Dorsch, Joseph to Altieri, Giovanni, Altieri, Mariantonia; 3/8/2013. $180,000

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