6 N. Adams Ave., Unit 5, Tyndall Robert S. and Tyndall Carolyn S. to Kirkpatrick Shaun M. and Carter Nicole; 7/17/2012. $250,000

121 N. Clarendon Ave., Swain Renee L., Starkman Carole F. and Blum Bonita to Reed Joseph R. and Reed Johanna P.; 7/17/2012. $440,000

Latest Video

9615 Monmouth Ave. Unit D, Bayfront Properties LLC to Robinson Edith Mae; 7/18/2012. $518,440

209 N. Belmont Drive, Harcole LLC and Harshaw David C. to Liedman Carl and Liedman Susan; 7/18/2012. $675,000

211 N. Coolidge Ave., Unit 3, Walsh John J. to Natenzon Roman and Natenzon Esther; 7/19/2012. $220,000

22 N. Huntington Ave., Jenkins Elizabeth to Ottoson Thomas H. and Ottoson Jeanne M.; 7/19/2012. $472,500


107 S. Victoria Ave. Unit A, Soffer Kenneth A. and Soffer Beth C. to Kramer David J. and Kramer Merle L.; 7/16/2012. $250,000

113 N. Princeton Ave., Couch Josephine E. to Fullerton Ronald and Fullerton Susan; 7/17/2012. $142,500

6507 Winchester Ave., Coba Inc. to Woodrow Julie M and Woodrow Nicholas S.; 7/17/2012. $165,000

119 N. Portland Ave., Bank Of America NA, BAC Home Loans Serv LP and Countrywide Home Loans Serv LP to Howard Charles W.; 7/18/2012. $109,000


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