104 N. Lancaster Ave., Goodfriend Martha Jane, Goodfriend Bertram Dale to Delaney Steven S, Delaney Debra L; 12/26/2012. $400,000

9202 Ventnor Ave., Gluck Donald J, Gluck Tamy to Seabright House Llc; 12/26/2012. $380,000

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8601 Winchester Ave., Schwartz Elliot, Schwartz Beatrice to Soffer Ronald, Soffer Robin; 12/26/2012. $600,000

12 E. Gilmar Circle, Burdi Joseph to Till Caroline; 12/26/2012. $390,000

9311 Monmouth Ave. Unit 2, Brahin Carol Lee, Brahin H Jeffrey to Skilton Walter M, Balthaser Molly J; 12/27/2012. $389,000

21A S. Franklin Ave., Cardonick Marcy to Goldstein Richard A, Goldstein Michele G; 12/28/2012. $550,000

8907 Atlantic Ave., Abate Catherine M, Abate Joseph F, Abate Carolyn to Klose Goodman Entrp Llc; 12/28/2012. $862,500

214 N. Brunswick Drive, Federici Frank A, Federici Marietta A, Federici Albert F, Federici Lafargue Marietta A to Harcole Llc; 12/28/2012. $255,000


231 N. Fredericksburg Ave., Dragon Glenn, Dragon Gail to Krasner David M, David M Krasner Rev Tr, Krasner Bonnie D, Bonnie D Krasner Rev Tr; 12/26/2012. $275,000

5816 Burk Ave., Waterview Associates, Almor Llc, Morris Alan R to Wrigley Cheryl; 12/27/2012. $70,000

5105 Winchester Ave., 2020 Properties Llc to 5105 Winchester Ave Lp; 12/28/2012. $247,500

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