26 S. 32nd Ave., Engle Alice E. to Keene Laura R.; 7/12/2012. $675,000

1600 Atlantic Ave., Unit 48, Fusco Jeffrey A. and Fusco Sandra to Parker Franklin J. and Parker Marianne L.; 7/13/2012. $180,000

102 N. Evergreen Ave., France Deborah H., Donato Virginia and Donato Vincent A. to Stacchini Natalie; 7/13/2012. $484,500


111 N. Gladstone Ave., Sunny Gladstone Assoc LLC, Polatnick David and Guarini Francis J. to Glickman Steven Y. and Glickman Debra; 7/12/2012. $481,000

121 N. Barclay Ave., Pantalena Thomas Dominick and Pantalena Dorothy Alberta to Cantell Cynthia M.; 7/12/2012. $90,000

8208 Bayshore Drive West, Kaufman Nechama to Pertuo Angelo Charles and Peruto Puja Suneja; 7/13/2012. $639,000

7808 Marshall Ave., Vanaman Paul, Snellbaker Catherine M. and Vanaman Catherine M. to Rando Danielle M. and Abbruscato Jacob J.; 7/13/2012. $412,000

9400 Atlantic Ave., Unit 415, Roseff Ivan E. to Hannan Keith and Hannan Carole; 7/13/2012. $360,000


6423 Monmouth Ave., Brinberg Gary N. and Brinberg Karen M. to Otto Steven and Otto Angela; 7/13/2012. $188,500

105 N. Bryant Ave., Sandberg Michael and Inserra Vincenzo to Reber Randall and Reber Deborah; 7/13/2012. $255,000