2700 Atlantic Ave. Unit 402, Belsky Daniel H. to Greis Avishai, Greis Sharon; 12/19/2012. $387,500

2606 Oberon Ave., Garrett David C., Garrett Janet B., David C. Garret and Janet B. Garrett Rev Liv Tr to DFR Properties LLC; 12/21/2012. $475,000

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9600 Atlantic Ave. Unit 719, Couzzins LLC, Berman Lee to Dweck Eli, Bagley Linda J.; 12/17/2012. $469,000

8201 Ventnor Ave., Wilkin Katherine M. to Wilkin Thomas; 12/20/2012. $675,000


4800 Boardwalk Unit 1405, Dubin Robert to Aktan Ahmet Emin, Aktan Tumgul, Aktan Ah Met Emin; 12/18/2012. $270,000

116 N. Troy Ave., Murphy Dorothy E., Mann Barbara A. to Mendell Richard A., Mendell Eileen; 12/18/2012. $167,500

111 S. Dudley Ave. Unit 119, Brown Dennis M., Rown Mary J to Kratchman Ronald, Kratchman Amy; 12/19/2012. $180,000

5000 Boardwalk Unit 1416, Granatt Edward E., Granatt Florence K. to Katchman Steven; 12/20/2012. $185,000

6502 Ventnor Ave., Halpin Thomas, Halpin Constance to 6502 Ventnor Ave. LLC, Six Five O Two Ventnor Ave LLC, Sixty Five O Two Ventnor Ave LLC; 12/20/2012. $210,000

111 S. Dudley Ave., Silver Penny to Brown Dennis M., Brown Mary J.; 12/21/2012. $240,000

103 S. Suffolk Ave., Kanter Bonnie S. to Kanter Sill Betsy, Sill Betsy Kanter; 12/21/2012. $450,000

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