10 N. 32nd Ave., Felice Ross, Felice Helen to JTWD Holdings LLC; 9/17/2012. $562,000

22 N. 30th Ave., Zingarelli Anthony D, Zingarelli Carole to Swetkowski Edward, Swetkowski Jennifer; 9/18/2012. $650,000

Latest Video

5 N. Manor Ave., Huggett Barbara to Garofalo Rosario, Garofalo Ignazia; 9/19/2012. $520,000


508 N. Union Ave., Smith Claire E, Smith Joseph Michael to Davco Construction Inc; 9/17/2012. $927,500

7810 Marshall Ave., Rifkin Robert D, Rifkin Elissa P to Lieberman David R, Lieberman Alexis M, Dubroff Michael; 9/19/2012. $375,000

306 N. Lancaster Ave., Hunt James T, Hunt Maureen to Wolf Richard, McDermott Wolf Joan; 9/21/2012. $460,000

9510 Amherst Ave. No. 130, Heath Julia to Laxton John F, Laxton Janice M; 9/21/2012. $160,000

211 N. Vendome Ave., Hiltner Brian to Bry Robert B, Bry Patricia N; 9/21/2012. $280,000

4 N. Monroe Ave., Margolin Gail, Safranek Barry to Weisbaum Stanley E, Weisbaum Michele R; 9/21/2012. $680,000


101 S. Richards Ave., Magill Glen to Cozza Louis T, Cozza Martina; 9/17/2012. $500,000

1 N. Somerset Ave., Shotz Gerald, Shotz Cathy to Snyder William A, Snyder Helen M; 9/17/2012. $685,000

24 N. Portland Ave., UFM International Inc to Nana LLC; 9/18/2012. $337,500

26 N. Portland Ave., UFM International Inc to Nana LLC; 9/18/2012. $250,000

18 N. Portland Ave., UFM International Inc to Igdalski Ashley R, Walsh Frank G; 9/18/2012. $237,500

314 N. Cambridge Ave., Newcomer Liliana M, Castillo Francisco R to Pender Bruce; 9/18/2012. $135,000

3 N. Melbourne Ave., Cohen David, Cohen Philice to Salas Guillermo, Salas Guillermo, Py Salas Danielle, Salas Danielle Py; 9/19/2012. $370,000

1902 Crown Key Yacht Club, Four To Score LLC, Barse Perry D to Murray Thomas C, Murray Tammy L; 9/21/2012. $310,000

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