7 S. Colgate Ave., McCalla Theodore H. to Fineman Lucy Q.; 11/14/2012. $675,000


305 N. Nassau Ave., Seligsohn Mark P. to Crasner Joshua M., Crasner Nelene M.; 11/10/2012. $750,000

9510 Amherst Ave. Unit 142, Picariello Martino J., Picariello Victoria A. to Kowalski Richard T., Kowalski Anne; 11/13/2012. $165,000

9100 Beach Unit 503, Delucia Ralph to Goodman Robert, Goodman Carol; 11/13/2012. $258,500

9211 Atlantic Ave. Unit 101, Berry Mark T. to Rubenstein David L., Rubenstein Renee C.; 11/15/2012. $345,000

9307 Pacific Ave. Unit F., Samit Royce, Samit Alan to Toren Fayette I., Toren Melvin S.; 11/16/2012. $605,000


6101 Monmouth Ave. Unit 1005, Compasso Stella to Rucci Rosina M.; 11/13/2012. $90,000

605 N. Harvard Ave., Rush Kathleen, Rush Jeffrey to Peterson Debbie C., Peterson Daniel J., Blanco Nellie; 11/15/2012. $325,000

16 N. Melbourne Ave., Cozza Louis T., Cozza Martina to Fein Murray D., Fein Lynn L.; 11/15/2012. $510,000

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