3 S. 25th Ave., Parisi, Joseph, Parisi, Louis J., Parisi, Catherine to Silberman, Michael S., Silberman, Ellen C.; 4/2/2013. $587,500


113 N. Douglas Ave., Beachwood Real Estate Holdings LLC, Laverde, Franklin J. to Shpeen, Sharon, Shpeen, Stephen; 4/1/2013. $642,500

7 N. Adams Ave. Unit A, Dicicco, Emilio J., Sellecchia, Antonio M., Evansgrove NJ LLC to Segal, Marc, Segal, Lauren; 4/1/2013. $560,000

9607 Monmouth Ave., Venture Capital of Margate LL, Singh, Raj to Danheiser, Scott N., Danheiser, Barbara; 4/5/2013. $600,000

106 N. Decatur Ave. Unit C, Rubino, Michael, Rubino, Joann to Roth, Sheryl F.; 4/5/2013. $325,000


823 Dorset Ave., Seigel, Ira S., Seigel, Steven, Seigel, Merle J. to Tuohy, Susan J., Tuohy, Stephen G.; 4/2/2013. $110,000

11 S. Nashville Ave. 3B, Hodges, Florence to MRA Property Management LLC; 4/3/2013. $20,000

132 N. Wyoming Ave., Nelson, Albert to Ben Chapman Dev LLC; 4/3/2013. $175,000

5602 Edgewater Ave., Davis, William to Muskett, Paul E., Muskett, James A.; 4/3/2013. $150,000

5200 Boardwalk Unit 18B, Mayer, Pearl L., Mayer, Kenneth P. to Neukranz, Joan, Neukranz, Donald; 4/3/2013. $495,000

20 N. Lafayette Ave., Breining, Christopher, Breining, Lisa to Berg, Andrew C., Berg, Cami L.; 4/4/2013. $435,000

109 S. Portland Ave., Ferry, Marie R. to Ben-Ari, Jacob; 4/5/2013. $715,000

203 N. Dudley Ave., US Bank NA, Select Portfolio Serv Inc., Adjustable Rate Mortgage Tr 2007 1 to Mytnik, Vitali; 4/5/2013. $80,000

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