9101 Atlantic Ave. Unit 201, Klein, Sheldon to Cunningham, Martha M.; 4/29/2013. $415,000

9600 Atlantic Ave. Unit 1712, Spiegel, Loretta to GME New Jersey Prop. LLC; 4/29/2013. $350,000

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9600 Atlantic Ave. Unit 1513, Blum, Richard S., Blum, Danielle R. to Mullen, Walter P., Mullen, Amy L.; 4/29/2013. $270,000

304 N. Kenyon Ave., Eisele, Russell J., Eisele, Joan M. to Fantazzia, Kimberly L., Silverstein, Jason A.; 4/29/2013. $330,000

9607 Monmouth Ave., Venture Capital of Margate LLC, Singh, Raj to Brahin, Harold Jeffrey, Brahin, Carol Lee; 4/29/2013. $535,000

30 S. Washington Ave. Unit 7, Auletta, Joseph, Auletta, Jamie to Paolini, Salvatore, Paolini, Deneen; 4/29/2013. $103,000

17 S. Cedar Grove Ave., Fred and Carol Assoc. LLC,Weinstein, Fredric B., Weinstein, Carol G. to DVCO Construction Inc.; 4/30/2013. $900,000

14 N. Kenyon Ave., Perino, Jo Ann, Huggins, Sherry, Juffe, Gloria to Scheffey, Brenda Sue, Collins, Bridget; 4/30/2013. $420,000

113 N. Quincy Ave., SAG 1 LLC, Denaples, Charles to Lazarus, Fredric I., Lazarus, Susan D.; 5/1/2013. $609,000

115 N. Adams Ave. Unit A, 18th Street Assoc. LLC, Lerner. Maria to Avellino. Carmine; 5/1/2013. $556,000

30 S. Washington Ave. Unit 5, Sutor, Edward J. to Ford, Raymond J.; 5/2/2013. $124,500

9307 Pacific Ave. Unit B, Brand, Howard S., Brand, Janet R. to Polack, Deborah Rev. Tr.; 5/2/2013. $750,000

5 Essex Court, Towbin, Patrick, Towbin, Kristen to Snyder, Michael G., Snyder, Judith; 5/2/2013. $537,500


7308 Ventnor Ave., 7308 Ventnor Ave. LLC, Eiger, Rhonda J. to McCarthy Food Inc.; 4/29/2013. $270,000

5307 Atlantic Ave. Unit G, Cohen, Mark N., Cohen, Carol B. to Perino, Jo Ann; 4/29/2013. $156,000

5200 Boardwalk Unit 11C, Schwarzman, Mark E., Yarmuth, Robert, Schwarzman, Arline, Schwarzman, Warren J., Kirby, Carol to Levine, Richard A., Levine, Andrea R.; 4/30/2013. $480,000

707 N. Oxford Ave. Unit J12, Bank of America NA to Nelson, Edward R.; 4/30/2013. $52,200

5510 Calvert Ave., Burnside, Robert B., Burnside, Donna M. Palazzo to Dubs, Tyler; 5/1/2013. $229,000

608 N. Harvard Ave., Pereira, Luis L., Pereira, Maria H. to Tkach, Aleksandr, Tkach, Rada; 5/2/2013. $500,000

453-455 Berkshire Drive, Ricca, Sharon W. to Passalacqua, Steven M.; 5/3/2013. $253,000

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