219 N. 36th Ave., Bendo, Sophie, Winston, Michele, Bendo, Pascal to Farrow, Tamatha J.; 5/11/2013. $360,000

2809 Atlantic Ave., Sterling, Melvin, Sterling, Peggy to Fleischman, Steven, Fleischman, Faith; 5/17/2013. $965,000

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441 N. Thurlow Ave., Verna, Anna, Verna, Serverino to Hassman, Howard, Hassman, Cheryl; 5/13/2013. $950,000

12 N. Decatur Ave., Damato, Norma, Damato, Angelo to Legacy Home Inv. LLC; 5/14/2013. $425,000

38 N. Clarendon Ave., Krell, Edward M., Krell, Amy R. to Designers Choice Custom Homes LLC; 5/14/2013. $510,000

402 N. Clarendon Ave., Shore Point Homes LLC, Saunders, Mike, Zikowski, Robert to Waxler, Morton, Waxler, Marlene; 5/16/2013. $590,000

9400 Atlantic Ave. Unit 213, Corradetti, Richard, Corradetti, Marcy, Bratman, Michael to Schiel, James A., Schiel, Donna L.; 5/17/2013. $240,000


1500 Vassar Square Condominium, Mintz, Charles H. to Mintz, Jackie M.; 5/13/2013. $80,000

812-B Dudley Court, Waterview Associates, Almor LLC, Morris, Alan R., Yeagle, Irwin to Shumsky, Lee C., Shumsky, Angela Maria; 5/13/2013. $62,500

236 N. Derby Ave. Unit 502, Lillie, Billie K., Fisher, Edith to Kennedy, John W.; 5/14/2013. $118,000

603 N. Harvard Ave., Criniti, Frank, Pasquale, Criniti Rev. Tr., Criniti, Pasquale, Criniti, Dolores M. to Larosa, Carmen, Larosa, Angel; 5/14/2013. $475,000

21 N. Lafayette Ave., Mitchell, H. Kenneth, Mitchell, Ann M., Ann M. Mitchell Tr. to Cummins, Floyd Glenn, Cummins, Rebecca; 5/14/2013. $212,000

615 Kingsley Ave., Merlino, Phyllis, Merlino, Kimberly A., Giannone, Kimberly A. to Savage, Elizabeth A., Cimino, Lisa A.; 5/15/2013. $420,000

7005 Atlantic Ave., Nardelli, Janice, Nardelli, Vito to Jas Run LLC; 5/16/2013. $650,000

5007 Ventnor Ave. Unit C2, Millionaire Mom II LLC, Wenger, Julia Brufke to Chud, Sharon E,; 5/17/2013. $69,900

11 S. Nashville Ave, Unit 2C, Lanna, Bruna to 1085 Properties LLC; 5/17/2013. $25,250


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