10 N. Exeter Ave., Kavky Development LLC to Friedrich, Alyssa, Friedrich, Jason; 05/28/13.  $795,000

601 N. Delavan Ave., Fixler, Inge, Fixler, Ingeborg to Abrams, Glenn A., Abrams, Lindsay; 6/17/2013. $350,000

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9220 Atlantic Ave. No. 204, Schwartz, David G., Schwartz, Judy Montesano, Pagano, Gail to Hamburg, Gerald, Hamburg, Deborah M.; 6/17/2013. $755,000

201 N. Coolidge Ave., Manno, Patricia M. to Sunset Bay Condo Assn.; 6/19/2013. $113,617

9411 Monmouth Ave.  Unit 12, Depena, William to Hummel, Marc; 6/19/2013. $21,000

9515 Wincheser Ave. C, Sivak, Steven Larry, Sivak, Sharon to Geaneotes, George, Buxbaum, Jodie; 6/21/2013. $655,000

10 East Drive, Donato, Douglas to Roytman, Michael G., Roytman, Helen; 6/21/2013. $375,000

11 S. Adams Ave. Unit 4, Nerenberg, Sheldon G., Nerenberg, Arlene I. to Kaye, Frederick W., Kaye, Gail; 6/21/2013. $265,000

16 S. Cedar Grove Ave., Campbell, Joseph P., Campbell, Susan R. to 16 South Cedar Grove LLC; 6/22/2013. $951,000

432 N. Quincy Ave., Cohen, Avrum Robert, Cohen, Barbara to East Shore Dev. LLC; 6/22/2013. $320,000


127 N. Richards Ave., Bickerstaff, Dorothy M. to Allia, Steven; 6/19/2013. $105,000

811 N. Victoria Ave., Shah, Chetna, Shah, Suresh to Desai, Dharmeshkumar G.; 6/20/2013. $250,000

906 N. Cambridge Ave., Moore Costa Dev. LLC, Macrillo, Anthony, Macrillo, John to Leonetti, Robert, Leonetti, Maria; 6/20/2013. $125,000

236 N. Derby Ave. Unit 707, Nastasi, Rita, Nastasi, Natale A. to Verno, Kevin J.; 6/21/2013. $99,000

114 N. Dudley Ave., Barthelmas Waltraud, Erika to Toolan, William D,; 6/21/2013. $240,000

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