33 N. Clarendon Ave., Newman Robin, Whitehead Kenneth W, Whitehead Gordon B to Galski Thomas M, Galski Marcie; 8/28/2012. $620,000.00

611 N. Huntington Ave., Subranni Thomas J, Mantone Theresa R to Gaskill Ryan, Gaskill Rachel; 8/29/2012. $400,000.00

Latest Video

36 N. Douglas Ave., Lobel Charles, Lobel Rochelle M to Toren Barry Marc, Toren Jennifer Dana; 8/30/2012. $540,000.00

510 N. Delavan Ave., Flank Natalie to Grimley Keith, Grimley Anita M; 8/30/2012. $286,000

9401 Pacific Ave. No. 19, Bader Frank to Berkowitz Sheldon A, Berkowitz Rhona F; 8/30/2012. $141,500

101 N. Pembroke Ave., Luxuria LLC, Klose Andrew to Margolin Gail, Safranek Barry N; 8/30/2012. $939,000


4800 Boardwalk No. 209, Tissian Debra, Tissian Robert to Horwitz Merle, Horwitz Stanley; 8/27/2012. $275,000

106 S. Portland Ave., Ferry Frank J, Ill Sarah, Scheidt Louise Ann Ill, Ill Dwyer Catharine S, Brennan Stephen M, Brennan Mary Ann to Portland Property LLC; 8/28/2012. $525,000

512 N. Dudley Ave., Diamond Carol, Diamond Wood Danielle A, to Coccia Anthony F; 8/28/2012. $219,000

5609 Edgewater Ave., Gigliotti Barbara to Sanlino Developments NJ LLC; 8/28/2012. $63,000

17 S. Newark Ave., Fogelman Joseph, Fogelman Jeanne to Kozuch William M, Kozuch Victoria L; 8/29/2012. $490,000

5706 Calvart Ave., Catania Ahearn Jennifer J to Bancheri Joseph; 8/29/2012. $50,000

6512 Winchester Ave., Shepherd Judy Gee, Kato Kikuko, Kato Steve Shoji to Masci Roxanne; 8/30/2012. $125,000

13 S Fredericksburg Ave., Goldberg Berman Judith, Goldberg Robert M, Goldberg Bernice G to Wong Mei Che; 8/30/2012. $265,000


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